Discipline Studies List Approval Information

Many COCC degrees require courses from the COCC Discipline Studies list. Following is the criteria that needs to be met to add a course to the list. COCC uses the standards set by at the state level for COCC General Education outcomes and criteria.

Discipline Studies List Criteria
(Approved Academic Affairs Committee, Feb. 5, 2010)

Based on the work of the Joint Boards Articulation Committee, courses on COCC's discipline studies list must meet the following criteria:

  • The course must meet all Joint Boards Articulation Commission (JBAC) outcomes specific to its designated category (e.g. science or mathematics).
  • The course must be accepted as meeting a general education requirement in at least one Oregon public university. If the course does not align directly to a specific course name and number, it must meet the outcomes/criteria of the intended discipline, as verified by the Registrar at the receiving university. [Here is a link to registrar contacts in Oregon, and a sample email.]
  • The course must be at least 3 credits.
  • The course must be numbered 100 or above.

Criteria two was limited to Oregon University System institutions only, as the AAOT is specifically geared towards these institutions and is not guaranteed to be accepted at any other institution. If a student is transferring to an out-of-state institution and/or is pursuing a highly specialized major, students and advisors are encouraged to work towards building an associate of science degree customized to better meet the student's needs.

Discipline Studies Background
In 2009, the Oregon Joint Boards Articulation Commission defined "general education" as well as outcomes and criteria for each area. This general education definition makes up the Discipline Studies list; the related requirement is the basis for the statewide Associate of Arts degree. The full proposal can be located on the CCWD Community College Handbook, Appendix K.