Course Development Resources

The Curriculum Office is available to assist faculty through the process of revising or developing new courses. Below are helpful resources when creating or revising credit courses at COCC.

General Course Resources

Banner Reports

Clock hours, Credit Hours, and Load Units

Course Categories (Transfer & CTE)

Course Outlines

Course Subject, Number and Title (New v.s. Revised)

Credit Hours Definitions

CWE/Practicum Guidelines

Discipline Studies List Approval Information

Equivalencies (important for any new course)

General Education Outcomes

Green Course Content

Inactivating a Course

Learning Outcomes Argos Report Documentation

Library Use Related to Curriculum Changes

Oregon Colleges: Catalog and Course Resources

OSU Curriculum Notes

Time Blocks for COCC Credit Courses

Related Instruction (includes human relations)

Requisites at COCC (includes prerequisites, co-requisites, and recommended preparation)

Student Learning Outcomes (resources to create or revise)

Codes for Course Development

ACTI codes
CIPs codes
TOPs codes