CWE/Practicum Guidelines

COCC offers courses numbered 180 or 280 as CWE/Practicum courses, in which a student applies classroom learning to the work setting. Students gain experience in the work setting and employers gain access to students interested in solving problems and supporting the industry. Historically these courses have developed to meet individual program needs, but in general:

  • A CWE course allows students to explore career and work opportunities and typically has flexibility in setting selection; the COCC instructor, the student, and the site supervisor develop outcomes.
  • A practicum is designed for students in a particular field; the supervision is directly related to the students program skills and outcomes, and is an integral part of the program graduation requirements.

Some departments have specific procedures for CWE/practicum courses; consult the department chair or administrative assistant first. The following guidelines are intended to support departments that do not have unique procedures.

  1. An x80 course is established by approval in Curriculum Committee, and will display in the catalog. The course format allows a student to complete 30 hours of off-site activities for each credit. Usually x80 courses are variable credit in order to allow the student and teacher to select the appropriate number.
  2. A student interested in a CWE/Practicum should consult with a teacher or the department chair.
  3. Once a teacher and topic are identified, the student and teacher complete the form below and request department chair approval. Copies should be distributed to the student, instructor, department (administrative assistant) and Admissions and Records.
  4. The department administrative assistant creates a CRN for the section, and the student can register online or in person with Admissions and Records. (This should be completed before the term begins but no later than the tuition due date). Normal tuition applies.
  5. The course is graded Pass/No Pass; a student must complete the proposed activities, meet the hours requirement, and receive a satisfactory evaluation from the site mentor in order to pass this course.


180/280 CWE/Practicum Course Proposal Form

CWE Student Outcomes Worksheet (a tool to help the student and teacher develop outcomes)

180/280 CWE/Practicum Course Site Supervisor Evaluation Form

Volunteer Workers Compensation Form (located on the intranet in risk management forms)