Course Outline

Course outlines are new to COCC, but are a common format used by colleges to describe the details associated with a credit course that do not vary from one instructor to another. This page is intended to help faculty complete course outlines during the 2017-18 academic year.

Course outline information is stored in Banner and maintained in CourseLeaf. All course outline information is already stored in CourseLeaf with the exception of three fields: content outline, required materials statement and grading methods statement. Currently, these fields are not required in CourseLeaf in order to allow faculty to add the information in the 2017-18 academic year. Beginning June 2018, the fields will be required in CourseLeaf.

COCC Course Outline Example

Content Outline
The content outline is a list of topics addressed in the course that like learning outcomes, is applicable for every section of the course offered. It is not limiting but is intended to give students, faculty, and other colleges a description of the topics. If a course has a Course Outcome Guide, the themes/concepts/issues and skills can be used in this section. Content outlines can range from basic to detailed, depending on the preference of the department.

Example of a content outline for BA 101:

I. The Business Environment, Economics (free-market capitalism, socialism, communism, and mixed economies), Global Markets, and International Trade
II. Business Ethics, and Social Responsibility
III. Entrepreneurship, Business Ownership, and Small Business Management
IV. Management Fundamentals, Organizational Culture and Change, Leadership, and Organizational Models; Operations Management in Manufacturing and Service Organizations
V. Management and Employees, including Organizational Structure, Motivation, Teams and Other Work Groups, Employee-Management Relations, and Controversial Workplace Issues
VI. Marketing, including Customer Focus, Product/Service Development, and Pricing
VII. Marketing, including Distribution, Promotion, and Competition
VIII. Decision Making, including Technology, Communications, and Accounting Information
IX. Financial Management, Investments, and Securities Markets
X. Money, Financial Institutions, and Risk Management

Grading Methods Statement
This statement should give students an idea of what to expect for grading methods. The department determines how detailed or general this statement is. Please do not include formatting such as bullets or numbers.
Primary grading methods may include a midterm exam and final exam.
Assessment will include weekly homework, midterm exam, and final exam; may include discussion, short essays, and in-class presentation.

Required Materials Statement
This statement gives students an indication of what type of materials are required. It could be basic or more detailed.

Required textbook
Students must bring their own instrument.
Bring a mountain bike in good mechanical condition to each class.
Requires textbook and culinary knife kit available at COCC Bookstore.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add/edit information to a course outline? Do I need to go through Curriculum Committee to make edits? You do not need to go through Curriculum Committee to add the three new fields (content outline, required materials statement and grading methods statement); these are "minor changes" in CourseLeaf and go directly to the Curriculum Office. Changes to other fields, such as the outcomes or credits, require approval by the Curriculum Committee. In both cases, you will log into CourseLeaf and and select either "Edit Course" or "Minor Revision".

How do I see my current course outlines? Do I go through CourseLeaf and print the course information? CourseLeaf will display all the elements that are part of the course outline as well as many other fields. If you want to locate it quickly but don't need the specific course outline format, you can use CourseLeaf. However, there is also a very simple Argos report which your administrative assistant can run that prints out the specific outline elements. This is a really good tool for sharing with new faculty members or to review prior to making curriculum revisions.

Is there a deadline to add information or make edits to a course outline? Yes! Course outline information is approved for a catalog year. This means that changes to the data in the outline needs to use the Curriculum Committee deadlines, except for the three new elements (content outline, required materials statement and grading methods statement) which will use the later catalog editing schedule deadline.