Course Categories

Courses are approved according to categories provided and defined by CCWD though an abbreviated description is below. Please review the definitions on the CCWD web site. The course approval form will ask you to identify the course category. This category is entered into Banner as the ACTI code (Element 3 and Occupational Course Y or N, both located on Supplemental Data on SCADETL) as well as into the state database.

  • Lower Division Collegiate (transfer)
  • Occupational Preparatory (CTE course; this category must be connected with an approved CTE program)
  • Stand-alone Occupational Preparatory (CTE course that is not connected with a CTE program)
  • Occupational Supplementary (designed to upgrade skills of employed workers)
  • Computer Science & Computer Information
  • Experimental Courses
  • Adult & Continuing Education (ACE) courses
  • Other Education Courses


If you are developing a course that can be used for both a CTE program and a transfer program, the recommendation is to categorize it as Lower Division Collegiate. LDC courses may be used in CTE programs, but CTE courses are limited in transfer programs (most Oregon universities cap the number of allowable transfer CTE credits at 12).

If you are developing courses that are not part of a CTE program now but may be later, they must be approved as Stand-alone Occupational Preparatory until the program is approved, when they can be revised to be considered Occupational Preparatory.