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Contractors obtaining their CCB license for the first time are required to complete at least 16 hours of training on law and business practices, and pass a state test. All materials for our LIVE and ONLINE courses were developed with this goal in mind: helping you pass the CCB exam.

“Excellent class; has all the information needed; thanks”
“Great class, thought it was extremely helpful and I now feel confident in passing the test”

“This class not only taught me the material, but boosted my confidence!”
- Live class students, December 2017

Take one of our courses to prepare for the state-mandated test (not included) to become a licensed contractor.

Your Instructor
ML VidaML Vidass has been teaching live contractor education classes since 2010. ML has more than a decade of experience in teaching and extensive experience in architectural design including LEED and Earth Advantage credentials. She uses a variety of techniques to help you understand key concepts and locate critical information in your Oregon Contractors Guide, which you take into the test with you.
All classes are based on the Oregon "NASCLA" publication.

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PLEASE NOTE: our classes currently use the 1st Edition of the NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management, Oregon Construction Contractors. Please note that the Oregon CCB is switching to a new edition of the required manual. The CCB test will be based on the 1st Edition until the end of October, but you will not be at a disadvantage by using the first edition for the exam even after November 1st.
¿Está interesado en tomar este curso en español? Por favor, dejenos saber enviando un correo electrónico a La Comisión de Contratistas de la Construcción tiene disponible el manual requerido traducido al español y queremos saber si alguien está interesado en una clase presencial aquí en Oregon Central. ¡Gracias!

Here's what to do to get your Oregon CCB license:

  1. Complete one of our 16-hour classes. We offer both live and online classes.
  2. Pass the state exam at one of the locations administered by the testing company PSI.
  3. Submit your application form to the State of Oregon.
    Got questions about how to proceed once you've passed your test? Click here for the CCB's Licensing Checklist.