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Business Communication for Success Series
Take one, two, or all three of these classes to develop essential communication skills for the workplace. Topics cover tips for effective written and verbal communication, leading and participating in successful meetings, and key interpersonal communication skills such as coaching, feedback, and building blocks for productive conflict.

Planning and Leading Meetings that ROCK!
Too often we view meetings as an obligation that prevents us from being productive and not a way to achieve our goals and move our organization forward. Gain the tools to transform meetings so they are productive and make a difference, whether routine check-ins, planning, or decision-making meetings. 

Date:                     April 10, Wednesday
Time:                     8:30-11:30am
Instructor:             Joanne Mathews
Location:               COCC Boyle Education Center Room 154
                              2600 NW College Way, Bend OR 97703

Get to the Point: Written & Verbal Communication 101
No matter what your role is, effective communication skills are key to professional success. Learn and practice three critical considerations for effective verbal and written communication, whether you are building a presentation or writing a simple email. 

Date:                     May 9, Thursday
Time:                     8:30-11:30am
Instructor:             Joanne Mathews
Location:              COCC Chandler Lab room 301
                             1027 NW Trenton Ave, Bend OR 97703

Interpersonal Communication: Giving/Receiving Feedback & Conflict
As we grow in our professional careers, we need critical skills like managing conflict and giving and receiving feedback. Learn techniques to be more effective in helping others learn and grow, and how to view conflict as an opportunity, not something to avoid.

Date:                     May 21, Tuesday
Time:                     8:30-11:30am
Instructor:             Joanne Mathews
Location:               COCC Boyle Education Center Room 154
                              2600 NW College Way, Bend OR 97703


Habits that Lead to Professional Excellence
Discover practical habits to improve your professional excellence. This two-session course will focus on keys areas including communication, productivity, time management, self-care, and professional longevity. Through group learning, specific goal setting, and readings from some of today's most successful professional coaches, learn the practical habits you need to ensure growth and achieve success. Join us for this energizing and empowering course!

Date:                     April 17 & 24, Wednesdays (attend both days)
Time:                     8:30am-12:30pm
Instructor:              Holly Hoeksema
Location:               COCC Boyle Education Center Room 154
                              2600 NW College Way, Bend OR 97703


Front Office Safety & Security (Redmond)
Gain confidence to deal with dangerous situations, difficult people and emergencies in your role working at or around a front desk, counter, lobby, or reception area. Develop an action plan for unsafe situations through identifying unusual, suspicious and dangerous behavior, including body language of dangerous people. Develop communication skills for difficult and dangerous situations and people.

Date:                     April 25, Thursday
Time:                     8:00am-12:00pm
Instructor:             Joe Puckett
Location:               COCC Redmond Campus, RTEC 135
                              2030 SE College Loop, Redmond OR 97756

Removing Biases in the Workplace: Creating an Inclusive Culture
To be human is to have unconscious biases, it does not make us bad people. Research shows that even individuals committed to equality harbor unconscious biases and unintended microaggressions, impacting everyday decisions and interactions. Unconscious bias refers to the information, attitudes, and stereotypes that inform our subconscious way of processing information, dictating the process by which we take mental shortcuts. Unconscious bias in the workplace creates a unique challenge because it involves more than just behavior; it involves the way each person processes information and makes decisions. Unconscious biases, stereotype threats and microaggressions can lead us to make inaccurate judgments in hiring, project selection, whose voice is heard, team and individual performance, and career advancement.  Explore the research and understand how to implement strategies in your organization to combat unconscious bias and help your employees, colleagues, projects and organization thrive.

Date:                     May 10, Friday
Time:                     8:30am-12:00pm
Instructor:             Rane Johnson-Stempson
Location:              Bend Park & Recreation District Office, Riverbend Room
                             799 SW Columbia, Bend OR 97702

Increasing Communication & Collaboration through DiSC
This powerful and interactive session challenges you to increase awareness of how your communication approach helps or hinders your effectiveness with others. Explore how to adapt your communication and approach with both internal and external clients based on the situation and/or person. This session utilizes DiSC profiles as a guide and tool for understanding communication styles and adapting strategies for increasing communication and collaboration skills. You will receive a link to complete your DiSC assessment prior to the session. 

Date:                     May 14, Tuesday
Time:                     12:30-5:00pm
Instructor:             Wendy Boyer
Location:               COCC Boyle Education Center Room 154
                              2600 NW College Way, Bend OR 97703


Achieving Customer Service Excellence
This half-day workshop includes best practices to deliver excellent customer service. Discover the mindset you need to do this and gain insight into your customers’ mindset and motivations. Explore how, what and who to ask when you don’t have the answers and how to deal with difficult customer interactions. Discuss when it’s best to escalate or transfer the customer to someone else and the best way to handle this. You’ll leave with new tools to provide excellent customer service in public sector settings.

Date:                     May 29, Wednesday
Time:                     8:30am-12:00pm
Instructor:              Jo Smith
Location:               COCC Boyle Education Center Room 154
                              2600 NW College Way, Bend OR 97703

QPR Suicide Prevention Training
QPR stands for ‘Question, Persuade and Refer’. Research shows that the majority of those who attempt suicide give some warning signs – verbal, written, or behavioral.. QPR is designed to interrupt the journey of considering self-destruction as a way to end unbearable psychological pain. QPR is research-based and designed for the lay person to respond to a suicidal crisis. Contact COCC if you are interested in hosting this 1.5 hour training for your department or team.


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