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Leadership Study Group: The 6 Habits of High Performance Leaders
Would you like to gain more clarity, productivity, and courage as a leader to reach a new level of excellence leading your team? Through reading bestselling book High Performance Habits, examine how each of the six habits can challenge us to be better leaders through lively discussion, video clips, self-reflection, and shared conversation. The weekly at-home readings and goal-setting exercises will energize and focus you in new ways. You'll leave this class knowing what the six habits are and how to implement them to greatly increase your leadership influence. No class 11/26.
Holly Hoeksema               Bend BEC 154
10/15 to 12/3  Tu              3:30-5:30pm                       $299

Ignite Your Leadership Style
If you are an experienced supervisor, you already know that there are many different styles of effective leadership. Are you aware of the style you naturally gravitate towards? This class will explore cutting-edge research on the four most common leadership styles along with the pros and cons of each style. Learn how to maximize your strengths and overcome your weaknesses, as well as set goals for future improvement in your leadership role.
Holly Hoeksema               Bend BEC 152
10/30 & 11/6 W                 8:30am-12:00pm               $199

Moving from Peer to Supervisor              
Being promoted to a role supervising your former peers is one of the most difficult transitions to make in your career. Learn how to develop agreements to hold yourself and others accountable, build your team, set goals, support your organization and create documentation of poor performance. Discussion includes new communication rules related to confidentiality, role modeling, and recognition.                                 
Michael Cieri                       Bend CHLAB 301             $139     
11/8 F                                  1:00-5:00pm  

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