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Leadership Lab@COCC

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Leadership Lab@COCC is an intensive leadership development immersion experience incorporating a variety of learning modes to grow the habits successful leaders need in today's workplace.

Who Should Attend: New and emerging supervisors/leaders and/or experienced leaders looking to build targeted leadership skills.

What to Expect: You’ll attend six classroom/coaching sessions scheduled every-other week. These sessions will be a combination of new content, individual and group exercises and coaching. Between each classroom session, you will read and watch videos on leadership topics, complete assignments and meet with your supervisor and colleagues to practice new skills. This is the “immersion” part of the Leadership Lab, as the learning goes beyond the classroom.

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Session Topics:

Emotional Intelligence:  Emotional Intelligence, or better yet, emotional and social effectiveness, is based on the set of behavioral skills that enables us to consistently engage, influence and motivate ourselves and one another. Leaders and employees with high emotional and social effectiveness (ESE) are 27% to 45% more successful and more resilient than those who are only technically qualified. EI is based on such competencies as respecting yourself, persistently working to achieve your full potential, valuing and motivating others, and engaging creatively when conflict happens.

Accountability & Delegation: Develop the language of accountability, a model for achieving a work environment where people can count on each other to keep commitments, and how to hold others  accountable using clear agreements, building personal ownership to support effective delegation.

Coaching & Feedback Techniques: Gain the skills to give and receive feedback, helping your team members grow and develop while building engagement within the organization.

Working with Difficult People: Advance your ability to identify, understand and respond to difficult people in a positive and productive manner. The effectiveness of your communication is measured by the response you get. The tools and strategies learned will equip you to receive the right responses, even from difficult people.

Performance Management:  Approach Performance Management on a day-to-day basis by working with your employees to be sure they understand their roles and responsibilities. Ultimately, this will inspire employees to reach for greater productivity and personal growth.

Recruitment & Interviewing: Take the guesswork out of hiring by using a logical, easy to follow system that will help you identify the right candidate for the job by combining behavior based interviewing and other techniques. Learn the process for planning and conducting effective interviews, as well as tips to integrate newly hired employees into your organization.

Leadership Lab@COCC is available as a series of six sessions only. View individual leadership session options.