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Dental Radiology Course - There are no current classes at this time.
Learn to take oral x-rays and prepare for the Oregon RHS exam. This course is for dental assistants and those with dental office experience who want to be come certified in Oregon. The course combines online learning, evening classroom sessions and hands-on lab days to help you prepare for the RHS exam and take a set of films to submit for radiologic proficiency.

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If you work in a dental setting and want to obtain dental radiology certification, we are offering a dental lab experience for candidates who complete an approved radiology course and pass the DANB Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) exam. The components necessary to become certified in Oregon:

  1. Complete an Oregon Board of Dentistry-approved radiology course
  2. Pass the DANB Radiation & Health Safety exam
  3. Pass the Oregon Clinical Radiology Proficiency Exam

The COCC Dental Radiology Lab will help you meet step 3 on the above list.

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