Evening Activities

Examples from 2019

Monday - Music & Dancing with ¡Chiringa!COSSI Logo
6:30pm in Wille Hall


Learn more about ¡Chiringa!

Tuesday - Movie Night & Discussion
6:30pm in Hitchcock Theater

100 Metros
Based on true events, a Spanish man with multiple sclerosis who tried to finish an Iron-Man competition despite he was told that he could not make 100 meters.


Wednesday - Dinner & Presentation
6:30pm in Coats Campus Center

Enjoy a fiesta buffet while Bend's professional ultra-runner Mario Mendoza tells his story of setting out to run 100 miles in a single day with the goal of inspiring, uniting and bridging the divide between the people and countries he loves - America and Mexico. Attendees will watch the documentary, 100 Miles: To Build a Bridge highlighting Mario's experience.


Thursday - Keynote Presentation by John Rosenberg
5:30 in Wille Hall - light appetizers provided

Civil Art and Uncivil War: Spain 1936-39
From 1936-1939 Spain acted out a century of incompletely resolved tensions between "las dos Españas." Though official hostilities ended in the spring of 1939, in many ways the war continued to be fought during the forty-year dictatorship of Francisco Franco, and new fronts still open up in Spanish politics and culture eighty years later. What were the causes of the war? Who were the combatants? And, how was this brutal prelude to World War II represented by artists? To answer those questions we will look at history, film archives, the poetry of Pablo Neruda, the plays of Rafael Alberti and Fernando Arrabal, and, of course, the painting of Picasso. Dr. Rosenberg is the recipient of the Officer's Cross of the Order of Civil Merit of Spain by Ambassador Jorge Dezcallar of Spain, on behalf of King Juan Carlos.

John RosenbergJohn Rosenberg Biography
John R. Rosenberg is associate director of the Brigham Young University (BYU) Faculty Center. John helps provide support for BYU faculty across the spectrum of their responsibilities over the course of their careers with particular responsibility for the orientation and support of academic administrators.

After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree at BYU and PhD at Cornell University, Rosenberg joined the BYU faculty in 1985 in the department of Spanish and Portuguese. He served as chair of that department prior to his appointment in 1997 as associate dean and then as dean in the College of Humanities in 2005. For two decades, he has worked with the BYU-Public School Partnership where he currently serves as a Senior Fellow; in 2005 he received the Renewal in Practice Award. He has made significant contributions to promoting the democratic purposes of public education. In 2011, he was decorated with the Officers Cross of the Order of Civil Merit from Spain. He is currently the Washington Irving Professor of Spanish and American Relations at BYU.