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Evening Activities

Examples from previous years:

Monday - Fiesta Dinner with Presentation by Mario MendozaCOSSI Logo
6:30-8:00pm in Wille Hall, Coats Campus Center

The Invisible Wall with Mario Mendoza
Join Mexican-American ultra-runner, Mario Mendoza Jr., in a discussion of his journey along the Mexican-American border.  With two other global ultra-runners, Mike Foote of the US and Mauricio Carvajal of Mexico, The Invisible Wall tells their story about how running unites communities across the globe and creates opportunities to explore and understand different places and culture. Share their love for a sport and the people, places and experiences they encounter along the way. The short film is produced in partnership with The North Face and VICE.

The Invisible Wall


Tuesday - Movie Night & Discussion - TBA
6:30pm in Hitchcock Theater, Pioneer Hall

Wednesday - Dance Performance and Lessons with Latin Dance Bend
6:30-8:00pm in Wille Hall, Coats Campus Center

Latin Dance is a small Latin Dance company located In Bend, Oregon. Watch their performance teams dance the Salsa and Bachata. Then jump on the dance floor with team members and learn the moves yourself. Promises to be a high-energy, inclusive atmosphere where COSSI students can connect, learn, and most of all, have fun! 

Latin Dance Bend

Learn more about Latin Dance Bend.

Thursday - 2020 Keynote Presentation by John Rosenberg
4:30-7:30 pm in Wille Hall, Coats Campus Center

El Camino de Santiago and the Idea of Europe

At a time when the ideal of European unity is being challenged on many fronts, it is appropriate to think about how the idea of Europe was forged from the scores of medieval kingdoms that covered the continent. One important factor among many was the pilgrimage to the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela, the traditional resting place of St. James, and holy destination for hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who each year traveled there from all points of Europe. While on the road they shared stories, songs, artistic and architectural styles, traditions and beliefs that helped create a common cultural language. We will look at the "grammar" of this language as well as think about how the idea of pilgrimage is an important dimension of the human conversation.

John RosenbergJohn Rosenberg Biography

John R. Rosenberg is Associate Academic Vice President for Undergraduate Education at Brigham Young University (BYU).  His office oversees curriculum and instruction, general and honors education, the educator preparation program, career services, advisement, university assemblies, etc.

After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree at BYU and PhD at Cornell University, Rosenberg joined the BYU faculty in 1985 in the department of Spanish and Portuguese. He served as chair of that department prior to his appointment in 1997 as associate dean and then as dean in the College of Humanities in 2005. For two decades, he has worked with the BYU-Public School Partnership where he currently serves as a Senior Fellow. He has made significant contributions to promoting the democratic purposes of public education, including the 2018 publication of his award-winning book, Schooling, Democracy and the Quest for Wisdom. In 2011, he was decorated with the Officer's Cross of the Order of Civil Merit from Spain. He also serves as  the Washington Irving Professor of Spanish and American Relations at BYU, charged to raise the profile of BYU in Spain by facilitating collaboration between the university and Spanish government, cultural and intellectual institutions.