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COSSI Professional Development

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COSSI participants can obtain 1-3 ED 808 credit hours for professional development workshops through Oregon State University (OSU) - Cascades. It is transcripted by OSU-Cascades and may be used for professional development purposes. Please check with your district or TSPC to see how this course may apply to licensure renewal or district advances. This credit will not apply toward a graduate degree. Once registered, credits cannot be changed from ED 808 to ED 508. In order to receive the ED 808 credits, students must register as a non-degree seeking student with OSU-Cascades, pay the $35 application fee and register for 1-3 credits. Each credit costs an additional $50 at the time of registration. Students must attend 10 hours of workshop activity for each credit registered, up to 30 hours. NOTE: Professional Development fees are paid directly to OSU-Cascades. This cost is NOT included in the COSSI registration fees.

ED 808-501 (CRN: 74645) - Workshop: Spanish Language & Culture Immersion - View Syllabus from 2019 (pdf)
Course Credits: 1-3 (10 hours/credit up to 30 contact hours)

  • New OSU-Cascades students must fill out the non-degree application below. Please indicate how many credits you wish to enroll in and pay the $35 application fee. The application form and fee can be submitted in advance or during COSSI orientation on Monday, June 22. Credits are $50 per credit and payment for credits must be made in the form of a check during orientation. NOTE: Cash or credit cards will not be accepted. 
  • Current OSU-Cascades students must fill out the registration form. Credits are $50 per credit. The registration form and payment for credits (check only) should be submitted during COSSI orientation on Monday, June 22. NOTE: Cash or credit cards will not be accepted.  
  • OSU-Cascades will have a representative onsite during the first day of COSSI to complete registrations and answer questions. Questions can be directed to Konnie Handschuch at

  • If your district or licensing board requires an attendance record for verification, it is the responsibility of the student to provide obtain the instructor's signature for each session attended.