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COSSI Testimonials

Comments from 2019 COSSI Participants

"This experience has been almost as helpful in immersing myself in the language as when I studied abroad! My instructor, Skip, is knowledgeable in best teaching practices and makes learning fun, engaging, and applicable to my own teaching practice. I’ve never made this much progress in my Spanish language learning journey in such a short amount of time! I highly recommend COSSI and hope to bring a team of my staff with me next year!" ~ D. Tebon, Oregon City

"I have met a number of people this week. You have helped advance my plans to travel and teach English as a second language in South America." ~ Anonymous

"Thank you so much for a magnificent week! I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the instructors, workshops and optional sessions. All the organizers and fellow students are so kind and helpful. This is my first time in Bend and I couldn’t be more pleased with such a magnificent venue." ~ Ellen F.

"I haven’t taken Spanish since high school but it’s all coming back to me! I’ve been soaking it up all week and I’m already trying to figure out how I’m going to keep learning and practicing the language on my own after Friday. I can’t wait to have my first authentic Spanish conversation with someone outside of COSSI." ~ Anonymous

"I have attended Spanish Immersion for 3 years now. Every year has inspired me to continue improving my Spanish skills. I continue to enjoy being exposed to various cultures and learning new ways to further my knowledge and ability." ~ Anonymous

"COSSI is an excellent way to be introduced to or continue learning español y la cultura y la historia de España. The instructors know their stuff! With your motivation and their passion your time at COSSI can be whatever you make of it." ~ Anonymous

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Comments from 2018 COSSI Participants

“This is a wonderful program for any who are willing to keep an open mind toward learning new languages and different cultures. I was below the recommended age but that didn’t stop the teachers from trying to included me. I enjoyed learning how the culture of Spain worked and functioned. There were times where I was thoroughly confused, but the instructors were more than helpful in getting me to understand. Highly recommended. Muchas gracias!”  ~ Meredith Cooper, Prineville, Oregon

“COSSI is a wonderful program. I’ve learned as much Spanish in this 1 week as I learned in a ½ year in school. The teachers helped me  understand what they were saying even when I wasn’t 100% sure. I would recommend the program at people at any level!”  ~ Olivia Cooper, Prineville, Oregon

“COSSI is a great program for the retired, for working adults, and for young people. The teachers are the best. I cannot believe how many people came from all around the country to study. It is a treasure of Central Oregon. (I could not write this in Spanish at the beginning of the week!)”  ~ Scott Cooper, Prineville, Oregon

“There were so many wonderful components of this COSSI week---from the amazing staff, the variety and depth of the courses, to the delicious Fiesta dinner. It exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Muchas gracias COCC!”     ~ Anonymous Bend student

“I have enjoyed COSSI immersion very much. I attended last year and I plan to attend next year as well. Thank you for the opportunity by having this program.”  ~ Anonymous

“COSSI was a terrific experience for me as a Spanish teacher. I’m leaving with dozens of new ideas for language instruction to use next year in my classroom!”  ~  Joy Hatch

“I’m so glad I enrolled. I wish they offered this more during the year, the instructors were fantastic with many different ways to teach. If you have any desire to do this, DO IT!” ~ Ashley

“It was a fantastic week. I learned so much (too much!) about Spanish and Latino/Spanish culture. A great way to spend a wee enriching my mind!”   ~ Anonymous

“The professors were wonderful---able to adjust their conversation to our abilities. They spoke slowly and clearly and made sure each of us understood.”   ~ Anonymous, Cathedral City, CA

“If you want to learn, the opportunity is here! If you want to practice, the opportunity is here! If you want resources and new friends, the opportunity is here!” ~ Jeri Vorisek

“Muchas gracias! Loved, loved, loved the program this year. Linguistics lectures with Glennys Schwartz, conversation classes with Jessica Bollinger, and, amazing grammar lessons with Pedro Nunez! The organization of the events and overall experience is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Thank you!”   ~ Anastasia

“Everything---classes, staff, facilities---were grand. High quality instructors! Staff was beyond helpful, no problem was left unsolved. I learned new things almost every moment. Thanks.” ~ Beth Asigri

“This was a great experience! So nice to have so many ability levels available. Very much enjoyed the variety of programs: grammar, conversation, history, geography, cooking, dance, and VINO! I am planning to be back here next year too!”    Dick Williams

“What a wonderful program! The instruction, the electives, and conversation groups helped me leap forward in my quest to become a fluent Spanish speaker.”  Rosalind Davenport, Bend, Oregon

“This was my second year at COSSI. Last year I started at the lowest beginner level. This year, because I had retained so much comprehension of Spanish, I was able to move to Level 4. Just like magic, I could understand native speakers, hearing every word (although I didn’t know what every word meant). I was able to understand between 75%-95% of the time. My spelling really improved as well. I’m still working on my pronunciation, but feel confident that will come!”  ~Janet Huerta

“This challenged me much more than I expected! I feel like I’ve made a huge leap over the week. I now can follow conversations easily which I struggled to understand just a few days ago. I am feeling so much more confident speaking---my big challenge. Thank you.” ~ Monica Gorman