COVID-19 Response and Reopening

Class Location Codes

BEC Boyle Education Center - COCC
2600 NW College Way 97703
BHS Bend High School
203 NE 6th St. 97701
CAS Cascades Hall - COCC
CCC Coats Campus Center - COCC
CHLAB Chandler Lab - COCC
1027 NW Trenton Ave. 97703
CUL Cascade Culinary Institute - COCC
Jungers Building
2555 NW Campus Village Way
DPLES Deschutes Public Library - East Side
62080 Dean Swift Rd. 97701
GRV Grandview Hall - COCC

Hawthorne Healing Center
39 NW Louisiana Ave. 97703

HCC Health Center Center - COCC

Bend Horse Talk
64295 Schibel Rd 97701

JEF Jefferson Hall - COCC
LIB Barber Library - COCC
MAZ Mazama Gym - COCC
OCH Ochoco - COCC
PEN Pence - COCC
PCA Pinckney Center for the Arts - COCC
PIO Pioneer Hall - COCC
PON Ponderosa Hall - COCC
RIVERS River's Edge Golf Course
400 NW Pro Shop Dr. 97701
SRCTR Bend Senior Center
1600 SE Reed Market Rd. 97702
SCMC St. Charles Medical Center
2500 Neff Road

Oregon Tai Chi Wushu
1350 SE Reed Market Rd., Suite 102 97702

La Pine
LPHS La Pine High School
51633 Coach Rd. 97739
DPLL La Pine Public Library
16425 1st St. 97739

La Pine Computer Lab
16405 1st St. 97739

MDR Madras COCC Campus
1170 E. Ashwood Rd. 97741
PUBLIB Jefferson County Library 241 SE 7th St.
PRI COCC Crook County Open Campus
510 SE Lynn Blvd. 97754
GEIST Geist Beerworks
736 SW Umatilla Ave. 97756
RDM1 Redmond COCC Campus
2248 SE College Loop, Bldg. 1 97756
RDM3 Redmond COCC Campus
2030 SE College Loop, Bldg. 3 97756

Redmond COCC Campus
2324 SE College Loop, Technology Center

DPLSI Sisters Public Library
110 N Cedar St. 97759

Sisters Athletic Club
1001 Desperado Trail 97759

SHS Sisters High School
1700 McKinney Butte Rd. 97759
DPL-SR Deschutes Public Library
56855 Venture Lane