College Relations Contacts

Department Contact Information

Location: Boyle Education Center
Phone: 541.383.7596
Fax: 541.317.3065
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The College Relations Team

  • Ron Paradis - Executive Director 
  • Aimee Metcalf - Assistant Director
  • Lora Szaraniec - Graphic Designer
  • Scott Donnell - Web Designer
  • Mark R. Johnson - Staff Writer
  • Jo Fief - Information Office
  • Marcie Masood - Information Office

Print projects include items such as:

  • College Catalog
  • Annual publications/newsletters
  • Business cards
  • Stationery
  • Posters
  • Parking and Shuttle Maps
  • Fliers
  • Graphics

College Relations staff assists with most official COCC printed projects that are to be distributed on or off campus. Student clubs produce their own fliers and posters as long as they are posted on campus only.

Scott Donnell creates web graphics and helps maintain the COCC website. He assists departments in setting up web pages and provides web editor training. Departments are responsible for maintaining and updating content.

Lora Szaraniec designs the COCC printed materials. She produces COCC's major publications and helps individuals and departments with branding, marketing and photography.

Mark R. Johnson writes for the College's publications, website and handles press release content and distribution.

Jo Fief and Marcie Masood in the Information Office handle the COCC switchboard, student ID, parking permits and other student services. If you have questions, please call 541.383.7596.