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Values and Future Directions

Student Focused in All That We Do

COCC remains student-focused in decisions made, from classroom to the boardroom, by providing opportunities and support that promote student success.

Caliber of Faculty and Staff
Through preparation, proficiency, experience, education and passion relating to their field or function, COCC faculty and staff are leaders in their fields.

Open Door Philosophy
COCC provides an atmosphere that is friendly, collegial, welcoming and supported through open communication.


COCC furthers its commitment to diversity through an ongoing atmosphere of mutual support and respect and fostering an awareness, acceptance and encouragement of different cultures, values and viewpoints.

COCC has established a positive reputation in the communities it serves. The College is acknowledged for the high caliber of instruction, wide variety of programs and classes, strong fiscal stewardship, positive community outreach and involvement, well designed and maintained facilities and outstanding events and activities for students, staff and the community.


Campus Traditions

COCC sponsors intentional activities to celebrate our accomplishments, build and maintain internal connections, honor our campus community and recognize our common purpose.

Comprehensive Services

COCC provides comprehensive services to our various constituencies: for students, offering programs and services to support student success; for the external community, supporting lifelong learning by providing opportunities for growth and advancement; and for the internal community, supporting employees with family wage jobs, opportunity for growth and development, and support of life/work balance.

Internal Connections

Strong communication exists between students, faculty and staff, committees, and all governance structures. The College will maintain an inclusive environment safe to new ideas at all times.

Work/Life Balance

COCC is committed to work/life balance by promoting flexibility, respect for importance of personal time and sensitivity to supporting coworkers in their personal and professional needs.

External Connections
COCC creates external and community connections, to include partnering with higher education, K-12, and regional businesses and nonprofits throughout the district and beyond.


COCC values a creative environment and encourages development of new and progressive ideas to continually improve quality throughout all aspects of the College. By establishing a secure place for the open sharing of ideas, COCC promotes inclusion of College-wide representation in discussions, welcoming new approaches from new and varied sources to advance the College of tomorrow.