Institutional Viability

In light of the College's tremendous enrollment growth, the College established the Institutional Viability Work Group in fall 2012. This group was tasked with reviewing how the College makes decisions and sets priorities, with an emphasis on governance and decision making; what systems need attention due to not enough training, not enough documentation, or are no longer applicable for our size; and general campus communication mechanisms as it relates to the first two areas.

The College has made significant gains in many areas towards being a more viable and sustainable institution. Many recently created positions were created with this in mind. In particular, the curriculum specialist in instruction, assistant director of admissions for curriculum and technology, Banner student module manager/analyst and new staff in areas such as IT and Institutional Effectiveness (research) have allowed the college to better utilize appropriate processes and put systems in place to make decision making and other process more transparent and effective. Other areas where this has been evident include: Strategic Planning is melding Core Themes, Achievement Compacts, Board Goals, SEM targets, etc.; InSync is developing a more comprehensive process for new instructional programs; HR and others are in the early stages of implementing an "on boarding" system to better integrate new employees; and a work group is meeting weekly to assure a smoother process for compilation of the material for the catalog.