Community Enrichment

Goal Statement: 

Engage as a collaborative and contributing partner with the community.

Goal Intention: 

As Central Oregon has grown, opportunities for leadership and collaboration in the community have increased. COCC will cultivate new relationships and strengthen existing connections with workforce, education and other community partners. We will proactively collaborate to meet current and future community needs. 

What will COCC look like when this goal is achieved?

COCC is recognized throughout the region as a leader and partner in building a stronger and vibrant community.  Organizations and communities in the region seek our participation and leadership on initiatives that improve our communities. COCC is a leading provider of workforce training and higher education in the region. Students are highly sought for internships and employment after completing their education and training at COCC.


CE-1: Cultivate new and strengthen existing connections/ partnerships with Educational Stakeholders, including PreK-12, universities (higher education), lifelong learners and business and industry.

CE-2: Advance positive regional economic development by assisting with educational and training needs of business, industry and workforce.

CE-3: Offer College services and expertise in response to community needs.