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Strategic Plan

Learn about the Strategic Plan including an overview of the COCC mission, vision, values and themes as well as future direction for the College.

Planning Index

  Date Contact Analysis and Reports Status


Academic Master Plan 2015-2018 Betsy Julian 13-14 Year in Review Current
Barber Library Plan 2013-2018 Tina Hovekamp Information Literacy Plan Progress reports planned
Madras and Prineville Academic Plan 2016-2018 Jerry Schulz   Current

Student Support

Student Success Planning Spring 2013 Alicia Moore   Current
Credit Student Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (SEM) Fall 2016 Alicia Moore   Current

Facilities, Infrastructure, and Technology

Facilities Master Plan 2018-2028 Matt McCoy   Current
Redmond Campus Report 2014 Jerry Schulz    
Parking Management Plan 2016 Matt McCoy   Current
Technology Plan 2011-2013 Dan Cecchini   Revision currently in process

Other Plans and Planning Resources

Staff Communication Plan Future Aimee Metcalf    
Strategic Plan 2013-2018 Matt McCoy   Current
Diversity Plan 2010-2015 Karen Roth    
Institutional Continuity Plan Rev. 2011 Ron Paradis Crisis Communications Plan Revision currently in process
Sustainability Plan Future      

COCC Plan Archive

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