COCC Planning Index Archive

Index of Archived College Plans.

Plan Date Contact Analysis and Reports
Long Range Plan for Facilities and Services 1974-1984 Matt McCoy  
Long Range Plan 1981 1981 Matt McCoy  
Campus Development Plan 1990-2000 Matt McCoy  
COCC Long Range Plan 1990-2000 Matt McCoy  
Facilities Master Plan Vol. 1 2002-2012 Matt McCoy  
Facilities Master Plan Vol. 2 2002-2012 Matt McCoy  
Parking Management Plan 2013 Matt McCoy  
Redmond Technology Center Plan      
Regional Technical Training Complex 1999 Matt McCoy  
Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Full Report 2009 Alicia Moore  
Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Update 2010 Alicia Moore  
Student Succss and Enrollment Plan 2016 Alicia Moore  
Student Success Planning 2013 Alicia Moore