Instructional Assessment

Assessment of student learning is a fundamental activity at COCC as we constantly look to evaluate and improve student learning; our focus is on program and degree level outcomes assessment.

Guiding Principles (developed by the Learning Assessment/Outcomes Committee 3/2016)

Instructional assessment at COCC:

  1. Is valuable to students, to the College, and to faculty.

  2. Plays an important role in mapping the relationships among and between courses, programs, and degrees.

  3. Comprises a cycle of continuous improvement where faculty plan and design learning activities and assessments, gather and analyze evidence of learning, and reflect upon this evidence in order to improve the planning and design of courses and programs.

  4. Should occur on a regular schedule in order for improvement to be continual and systematic.

  5. Drives us to recognize that data, both qualitative and quantitative, drive the process of closing the loop (evaluating and making use of assessment), and therefore faculty must develop measurable assessments that provide these data.

  6. Builds on faculty experience and draws upon current best practices in order to foster growth.

  7. Will not look exactly the same for everyone, but will share a common vocabulary.