Transferring to Four Year Universities

Students often ask if their College Now credits will transfer to other institutions. Many of the College Now/Transfer and some of the College Now/CTE courses will meet the general education requirements for Oregon public universities. While many of the credits will transfer, we encourage you to check with the school you're considering to be sure.

Here are links for the seven Oregon public universities. Other colleges may have similar information if you search their web sites. If the tools posted below don't show an equivalent, you can always call the university's Registrar. 

Eastern Oregon University

Here's a link to EOU's transfer course search. Just enter the COCC course, and an equivalent will pop up. More information about transferring to EOU can be found here.

Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon Tech records previous decisions about transfer courses in an online Transfer Equivalencies tool. You can use this tool to see how courses taken at other institutions have transferred in the past. There's more information about transfers on this page.

Oregon State University

OSU accepts the courses listed on this page as transfer credit. The asterisk means a course fulfills a core requirement. This page explains their transfer policies. Here is their transfer tool.

Portland State University

PSU uses an online tool called Transferology. This tool allows you to enter the course you've taken (or will take) and see if there is a PSU equivalent. You'll have to create a log-in id and password to use this tool. Additional information can be found here.

Southern Oregon University

Learn about transferring to SOU on this page. Their transfer equivalency tool is here.

University of Oregon

You can see which COCC courses equate to specific UO courses by using their handy transfer course equivalencies search. Check out their page for transfer students, too.

Western Oregon University

WOU has a transfer articulation tool. Here's more information about transferring to WOU. Click on the Transfer arrow on the left.

For even more information:

Look at our CAP Center's transfer page. If you attend COCC with the intention of transferring, your advisor will help you tailor a program to the university you wish to attend.