Student Evaluations

Student evaluations are only available during the window assigned for your course. For classes within Central Oregon, the College NOW Liaison will conduct the evaluations in the classroom at a time and date of the instructor's choosing. For those out of the area, the instructor will select a day to conduct evaluations, and a window will be created for them. Teachers are asked to leave the room while students are evaluating.

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STUDENTS: Today you are being asked to evaluate this course and the teacher. Please read and answer each question thoughtfully and honestly. Evaluations are helpful to your teacher in improving their teaching and their courses.
Your answers are anonymous and confidential. Your answers will be returned to the teacher only after final grades for this course have been posted. Your written comments on the last four questions are especially helpful.

Mountain View High School

Vallerga PSY 201 4th Period

Vallerga PSY 201 7th Period

Madras High School

Payton BI 121 6th Period

Payton BI 121 7th Period

Summit High School

Greenwood MTH 111 5th Period

Justema HST 202 5th Period

Quick MTH 251 5th Period

Bend Senior High School

Bailey BI 121 2nd Period

Bailey Bi 121 3rd Period