Secure Shred Bin Locations

Secure Shred Bin Locations on Campus. Scroll below the map for more information on each location.


Secure Shred Bins Map

Boyle Education Center: Admissions & Records Area, call ext. 7241 for more info

Boyle Education Center: Safety & Security Area, call ext. 3073 for more info

Coats Campus Center: Second floor of the Coats Campus Center, in the Student Life Office, room 208, call ext. 7256 for more info

Chandler: Outside of Greenhouse at Chandler, call ext. 7275 for more info

Grandview: First Floor of Grandview, inside the 111-125 office area (next to 109), call ext. 3715 for more info

Health Careers: Second floor of Health Careers, outside of classroom 260, call ext. 7576 for more info

Library: Bottom Floor of Library outside of Library 020, call ext. 7735 for more info

Library: First Floor of Library inside the Circulation Desk area, call ext. 7735 for more info

Mazama: Second Floor of the gym, inside Lydia Hernandez's office, Mazama 206, call ext. 7761 for more info

Metolius: Second Floor of Metolius, in the Workroom outside the VP's office, Room 206, call ext. 7205 for more info

Middleton Science Center: Second floor of the Middleton Science Center, inside room 275A, call ext. 7551 for more info

Modoc: Second Floor of Modoc, inside the Modoc Workroom, Modoc 208, call ext. 7231 for more info

Newberry: East side of Newberry outside the HR director's office, call ext. 7208 for more info

Pioneer: Second Floor of Pioneer, inside the staff workroom, call ext. 7289 for more info