General Test Taking Tips

Sudent Taking Test on ComputerCollege students should have strong test taking skills. These skills can be developed and strengthened. One way to improve your test taking skills is by taking one of several COCC credit classes on study skills. For example, HD 101 is a 3-credit class that includes many helpful skills including test taking. HD100TT is a 1-credit class that is offered some terms that focuses specifically on this issue. Look under "Human Development" in the college credit class schedule.

A common challenge for college students is that of "test anxiety". Test anxiety occurs when a student experiences symptoms such as physical discomfort (nausea, dizziness, sweating), difficulty in concentrating, or the inability to recall information either before or during a test. When a student feels as though their performance on exams does not accurately reflect their command of the subject matter, they may be experiencing test anxiety.

If you suspect that you experience test anxiety, the first thing to do is learn more about it. "" is a recommended web site that has background information on test anxiety as well as on other issues common to college students.