Internet Explorer and GradTracks


If you encounter either of these errors when you open GradTracks you will need to clear your web browser cache:


Error 0773 Please wait while we search the database

Clearing the Browser Cache (IE 8/9/10)

Step 1) In Internet Explorer select Tools (or the gear-shaped button gear button ) and then Internet Options.

Internet Options

Step 2) Under Browsing History select Delete...
Be sure to select Form Data then click the Delete button.
Delete Browsing History

Step 3) Click OK.
Close Internet Explorer and then re-open. Login to your Bobcat Account and bring up GradTracks. If your degree audit still does not display or you continue to see an error message please contact Admissions & Records at (541) 383-7500 or email


Some configurations of Internet Explorer 8/9/10 may not properly load your degree audit in GradTracks until you clear the browser cache. Most browsers save or "cache" small bits of information for the different websites you visit in order to speed up the browser experience for future visits. Some of the cached information from your previous visits to GradTracks may prevent your audit from loading correctly. If you see an error while trying to load your GradTracks you should only have to clear the cache once to resolve the problem.