Dual-Enroll at OSU Cascades and COCC

COCC and Oregon State University Cascades Campus have a partnership program called dual enrollment, which allows you to be admitted to and take courses from both institutions at the same time. This program provides flexibility as you transition to OSU Cascades because you can begin to take upper division OSU courses while finishing lower division requirements at COCC.


Dual Enrollment FAQ's


What is dual admission?

You can be admitted to COCC and to OSU Cascades at the same time, which allows you to take courses from both institutions. Dual enrollment means:

  • OSU will conduct an advanced standing report which will help you understand how your credits will apply to general education and major requirements.
  • You must receive your financial aid from OSU.
  • OSU Cascades requires you to enroll in at least one OSU course each term in order to receive financial aid.
  • You are reassigned to an OSU academic advisor who will have full access to your GradTracks (COCC's degree evaluation system) in order to facilitate the advising transition.
  • Each term, you enroll in either a combination of COCC and OSU courses or in only OSU courses.
  • You can still earn a COCC degree after you are admitted to OSU Cascades.


When should I apply for admission to OSU Cascades?

You can apply as soon as you meet the admissions requirements for OSU Cascades, but should apply in the following cases:

  • You are near completion of your lower division courses at COCC and are ready to take upper division courses. (Note that OSU accepts up to 124 lower division credits, and a minimum of 60 credits of upper division work is required.)
  • If you are facing maximum credit issues with financial aid at COCC you are also a good candidate for dual enrollment.
  • Your intended major at OSU Cascades is changing and you prefer the old requirements.


Do I need to have all of my lower division courses complete before I can be admitted to OSU Cascades?

No. You do not need to have all of your lower division courses complete to be admitted or start taking courses at OSU Cascades. However, you must meet the admissions requirements for OSU Cascades to be admitted and begin taking courses there as a degree-seeking student (OSU allows you to take OSU courses without the full admission process as a non-degree-seeking student, but these credits do not count towards residency).


Why might I want to wait to apply for admission to OSU Cascades?

If you receive a significant COCC Foundation scholarship, or are not ready for OSU upper division courses, you should consider waiting to apply to OSU Cascades.


What institution provides my financial aid?

You can only receive financial aid from one institution. When dual enrolled, you will receive your financial aid from OSU Cascades for both OSU and COCC classes. You are responsible for paying any balance with COCC.


What tuition rate will I be paying?

You will pay COCC tuition rates for COCC courses and OSU tuition rates for OSU courses.



Dual Enrollment Process

1) Review and confirm that you have met the admissions requirements for OSU Cascades.

2) Complete an application for admission and pay the application fee.

3) Submit official college/university transcripts and test scores as applicable. You can request an official transcript from COCC.

4)Explore Financial Aid and Scholarship opportunities.