Examples of SLO revisions

Examples of learning outcome revisions

Avoid using "understand," which is difficult to assess.....

OLD SLO: Understand the role of accounting information and generally accepted accounting principles.

NEW SLOs: Identify key accounting terms as they apply to sole proprietorships and service industry organizations.

Describe the basic accounting cycle process.

Begin each outcome with a verb that can be measured and graded...

OLD SLO:  Be aware of counseling methods and resources relevant to the needs of culturally diverse groups and people with disabilities.

NEW SLO: Demonstrate strategies for empathically and effectively working with others by including clients’ cultural identities in the process.

Use verbs that are rhetorically accurate and that align with the assessment....

OLD SLO: Communicate effectively.

NEW SLO: Produces written documents that meet high standards of accuracy within the context of the criminal justice culture.

Use language that a student will understand....

OLD SLO: Practice reading, analyzing and evaluating nonfiction by other writers, including both published essays and works by fellow students; and demonstrate the ability to give constructive criticism and suggestions for revision to peers in a supportive, discerning and helpful manner in the context of a cooperative workshop session

NEW SLO: Read and analyze nonfiction by other writers, including both published work and work by fellow students, to develop an ability to provide constructive feedback.