Program Assessment

At COCC, instructional assessment is focused at the program and degree level. COCC conducts learning assessment at the CTE program level and through general education in transfer degrees. ABS conducts assessment of learning outcomes for the ELL and ABE/ASE programs.

2016-17 Learning Outcome Assessment Commendations

Dental Assisting (Assessment of DA Program Outcome #1 and #2, submitted by Deb Davies) For providing a clear and thorough description of the project; for including the assessment tool in the Plan stage, and for providing a superior example of using the results of the assessment project to improve student learning.

Pharmacy Technician (PHM Program Outcome Assessment, submitted by Shannon Waller) For providing a clear and thorough description of the project; for including the assessment tool in the Plan stage; and for designing a comprehensive assessment which collects and analyzes data that clearly relates to all program outcomes.

Speech (Self-Presentation and Feedback, submitted by Jon Bouknight, Lilli Ann Linford-Foreman, Anne Zmyslinski-Seelig) For the submitting a project that includes many sections of several courses and both full- and part-time faculty; for using existing assignments; and for including the rubric in your plan.

World Languages (Cultural Literacy Assessment Project, submitted by Rebecca Walker-Sands, Fleur Prade, Lin Hong, Chuck Hutchings, and Joshua Evans) For providing a simple assessment approach with the potential for application across the entire general education group, and for the diversity of courses included in the project.

Chemistry ("Atomic Structure Assessment Project for CH221, submitted by Carol Higginbotham, Zelda Ziegler, Forrest Towne) For submitting a project that includes a strong connection between the evidence of learning (in this case the application of a scientific model in discussion and then in a test question) and the outcome; uses existing assignments; highlights both collaborative and individual effort; and includes the question in the Plan.

2017-18 Program/Degree Assessment work

General Education

General education groups and outcomes ( web page with criteria, or . doc with outcomes only)

General education assessment methodology

1718 GE sections by department

Schedules of General Education Course Assessment by GEG (example templates)

Career and Technical Education programs

Program Outcomes (by Department and discipline)

CTE Program Assessment schedules/calendars

  • Template of all-in-one example for assessment, APR, accreditation

Assessment schedule drafts by discipline

Adult Basic Skills

Assessment Day (Sept. 20, 2017)


Assessment Day Organization (faculty, CTE program outcomes, GE sections, etc.)

Report forms, rubric