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JULY 2017
Volume 14, Issue 7

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It's amazing to think that Thomas Jefferson was only 33 when he authored the Declaration of Independence. Sure, he had input from John Adams and other committee members, but the essence of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness..." took shape from his young perspective. Inspiring stuff. Have a happy, safe Fourth of July. Scroll on, 'cats!


July 4: Fourth of July, COCC will be closed.

Summer term deadlines
July 7 at 1 p.m. is the tuition payment deadline and end of refund for full-term classes.

Aug. 11 at 1 p.m. is the last day to drop full-term classes with no grade on transcript and the last day to change to/from audit or add classes. (For short-term classes, see short-term refund and drop deadlines, or check with Enrollment Services at 383-7500 for deadlines.)

Fall term registration
Students continuing from spring term:
Registration for fall term is now open. If you're not registered, you're encouraged to do so right away! Check to see if you have an advising or other requirement in your Bobcat Web Account (go to Student Services>Registration>"Can I Register?"). If you have an advising requirement, e-mail your advisor about your degree goal and class selection; if they're inaccessible due to summer schedules, contact CAP Services at 383-7200 for assistance.

New students who are enrolled summer term:
Registration opens at 8 a.m. on July 12 for degree-seeking students who are first-time students for summer term and wish to register for fall term (non-degree-seeking students can register beginning Sept. 7). Check to see if you have an advising or other requirement in your Bobcat Web Account (go to Student Services>Registration>"Can I Register?"). If you have an advising requirement, contact CAP Services at 383-7200 for an appointment.


The 2017-18 FAFSA/ORSAA is available at for students who plan to attend COCC between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018. Early submissions have the best chance to receive the maximum amount of aid available. Attend a workshop for help.

If you're attending fall term, Financial Aid gives priority consideration to those who complete and submit their requirements by Aug. 15 to ensure financial aid is processed in time for the tuition due date of July 7 at 1 p.m.

A little time can lead to large reward: As much as $3,600 annually for local students to help with tuition, books and living costs. More than 350 Foundation awards are available! Apply now through your Bobcat Web Account. Recipients are notified in late August.

Students currently receiving a Foundation Scholarship may be eligible for renewal if they met all the criteria in their original acceptance letter; students who qualify for renewal do not need to complete a new Foundation Scholarship Application. Renewal letters are mailed to students in early July.


Make a move into one of the best deals in town! Applications for fall 2017 are due by August 1. Learn more and apply today.

Charge your phone, sip some joe, work or play, come and stay! Find your computer lab.

Wesley Dymond, COCC's Information Security administrator, shares this reminder. "Every year," he says, "scammers post job advertisements soliciting college students for various fraudulent employment opportunities. Often presented as 'secret shopper' type jobs, the 'business' offers to mail a check to the student, who is then instructed to deposit the check, then purchase and ship items. Later, the check bounces and the student is left holding the bag." Report questionable emails (fraudulent, phishing or scams) to

Students are encouraged to resolve the issue with the appropriate faculty or staff member. For academic concerns, this should begin with the instructor. If the student is not comfortable discussing directly with the instructor, the student may initiate the concern with the appropriate department chair. If the instructor is the current department chair, the student may initiate the concern with the appropriate instructional dean. For non-academic concerns, the student should bring the issue to the director of Student Life for assistance in identifying the appropriate contact. For assistance in identifying the appropriate faculty or staff member, contact the Office of Student Life, 541-383-7590.

COCC provides two locations for students and employees to have access to a private space for lactation purposes. Private, secure spaces are available in the Barber Library, Room 226, and in Grandview Hall, 2nd floor bathroom/shower. See lactation room hours and key information.

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