COVID-19 Health and Safety Information

Spring Term Late Start FAQ

What classes are offered?

The following classes will be offered online, noting that the online course fee applies:

  • BA 178, Customer Service, 3 credits
  • HD 100CS, College Success, 3 credits
  • HHP 295, Health & Fitness, 3 credits
  • HST 104, Ancient Societies, 4 credits
  • LIB100, Information Literacy, 1 credit
  • MUS 205, History of Jazz, 3 credits
  • MTH 001, Adjust My Placement, 1 credit

Late Start Spring Term Classes

Additionally, the College will offer HHP 212A: Basic Life Support (1 credit). In line with the Governor’s directive to support health care needs, this course will be taught in person. Note that these courses will employ the personal protection requirements as directed by the American Heart Association.

What's different about these classes?

All online classes will be offered in a condensed format. Students taking these classes will be expected to learn the same amount of information as if the course was taught on a 10- or 11- week calendar.

When will the classes start?

May 11, with various start dates for Basic Life Support classes.

What dates and deadlines apply?

April 13

Application for admission opens
Students can start making advising appointments
Students can start registration for these classes

May 6

Application for admission deadline
Under-enrolled courses cancelled

May 7

Placement deadline

May 8

Advising and registration deadline
Bobcat Orientation

May 11

Classes begin

May 13

Deadline to drop classes with 100% refund (aligns with current short-term class policy)*
Tuition due date*

* Note that the drop with a 100% refund and tuition due date for the HHP212A class is the first day of class.

How do students enroll?

New students will follow the same process as when starting at the beginning of the term; see the Getting Started pages for details.

Current students can register for classes on April 13 or later.

Do students need to complete the orientation for online classes prior to registering?

Yes, noting that it should be completed approximately 24 hours before registering for the classes.

Is financial aid available?

Yes!  New students should complete the FAFSA or ORSAA and submit any required documents as soon as possible. Current students who add courses after they have been paid financial aid, may be eligible for aid if the reason for adding the classes is related to COVID-19; current students should contact the COCC Financial Aid Office for details.