Maintaining Expanded Options Program Eligibility

Your high school will determine specific requirements, but generally you must complete all courses listed on your Authorization form with at least a C grade or better.

You must also submit a new Expanded Options Authorization form to COCC every term you attend.

Your progress will be monitored by your High School Counselor as follows:

  1. COCC will automatically send your grades to your high school each term
    • Note that grade reports will not be sent to your home
    • Grades are also available online in your Bobcat Web Account on the Thursday following finals week.
  2. Your high school counselor will determine if you are eligible to continue with the program.

  3. Submit a new Expanded Options Authorization form each term you take classes.
    • Submit the form as soon as your high school counselor has confirmed your continued eligibility.
    • Bring the form to COCC's Admissions & Records Office at any COCC campus. You may also fax the form to 541-318-3700.
    • The form is required for bookstore credit to be processed and for tuition charges to be billed to the school district.
    • The form is due no later than the end of the first week of each term.
    • This form does not register you in the classes listed; you must follow all registration steps.
  4. Register for classes the same way as continuing student registration. Please review COCCs Registration pages for details and instructions.