Transfer Transcript Articulation and Evaluation

COCC will conduct an evaluation of transfer coursework once you have applied to COCC, paid the application fee and submitted your official transcripts.

  • Full Transcript Articulation / Evaluation
    COCC will evaluate and/or articulate all college-level transfer coursework from regionally-accredited institutions, AP, IB, CLEP, foreign institutions, and military credit toward COCC courses and certificate/degree requirements. Evaluations are completed within an average of 6 weeks. An email is sent informing you your transfer coursework is articulated and viewable on your GradTracks degree audit and transcript in your Bobcat web account. Please see the non-traditional credit web page for instructions on how to order an AP, IB, CLEP or military official transcripts.

  • Articulation versus Evaluation

    Articulation is the careful evaluation and acceptance of a transfer course deemed as equivalent to a COCC course. Evaluation is the careful determination of a subjects significance when coursework is not equivalent to a COCC course.

  • How Credits/Courses Will Transfer to COCC
    COCC will evaluate transfer coursework based on available course descriptions. COCC will first evaluate a course for direct equivalency (articulation) to a COCC course. If no direct equivalency is available, COCC will evaluate the transfer course based on educational outcomes of a requirement or give credit toward electives (evaluation).

  • Quarter versus Semester
    COCC operates on the quarter system with three general terms (fall, winter, and spring) and a summer term. Semester schools have two general terms (fall and spring) and a summer term. One semester credit is equal to 1.5 quarter credits. One semester course is generally equivalent to one quarter course. Occasionally, two semester courses taken in sequence may be equal to three courses in the quarter system. All semester credits are converted to quarter credits at evaluation.

  • Transfer Grades and GPA Calculation
    Transfer coursework is articulated with letter grades and designated as transfer with 'T' or 'TR' following the letter grade. However, COCC does not include transfer coursework when calculating the COCC GPA.

If you feel a transfer course meets a particular requirement, and was not accepted on your evaluation as such, send a request for reconsideration to Your request will be reviewed and a response will be sent to your COCC email account. If you wish to petition the decision made in response to your request, you may file a formal petition with the Admissions and Records office.

Limits on college credit transfer are:

  • Subject matter may not duplicate that for which credit has previously been awarded in transfer or at COCC.
  • Credit awarded by another institution for life experience is not transferable to COCC.
  • Credit for practicum/internships will be transferred as elective credit only.
  • Courses which espouse a particular religious view do not equate to COCC courses.
  • In some cases, science credits more than five years old may not be applicable to specific programs.
  • Transfer credit is only considered for courses where a grade (of A, B, C, D, Pass, Satisfactory) and credit have been awarded. Note that a D, D+, D-, will not be accepted for most degrees or programs.
  • COCC will not accept courses below college level except for specific program requirements.
  • Students working toward a COCC degree must complete a minimum of 24 COCC credits. Certificate-seeking students must complete a minimum of 18 COCC credits.
  • Upper level coursework may be evaluated on an individual basis if applicable to a specific program or as elective credit.

Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Credit will be awarded following approved guidelines from COCC academic departments. Credit is considered when it is equivalent to regular course offerings at COCC and when it is not duplicated. See College catalog for a list of accepted AP and CLEP test scores and their COCC course equivalencies. For International Baccalaureate (IB) test scores and their COCC course equivalencies, please see the IB equivalency table.

Foreign Institutions
It is the responsibility of each student with coursework from foreign universities to have the transcript(s) translated (if in language other than English) and evaluated prior to submittal to COCC. Send your official transcript(s) to a credential evaluation service that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services( Fees are the responsibility of the student and range from$165 - $295. Send official "course-by-course/detail" evaluation to Admissions & Records.

  • Some variation occurs in evaluation of foreign coursework due to differing countries, schools and/or credential evaluation services. Degrees from foreign countries do not waive the General Education or Writing Competency requirements. Coursework must be at a level of achievement comparable to COCC's A, B, C and D grades. English taught outside the United States may not meet COCC's English composition requirement. Evaluations of foreign transcripts may take significantly longer than the normal processing time.

American Council on Education (ACE) guidelines are used with discretion when considering military credit for courses (not occupations) documented on the DD-214 and/or official training documents. Credit is considered when it is equivalent to regular course offerings at COCC, when it is not duplicated and when it is applicable to a students degree requirements. Four (4) credit hours are awarded toward HHP requirements for Basic Training from the DD-214. The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities limits credit for prior learning to a maximum of 25% of the credits needed for a degree.

VA regulations require that we evaluate all previous military training transcripts. You must submit your official military transcripts by the end of your first term receiving benefits.

Contact your branch and request copies of your official military transcript:


For questions or help contact Transcript and Degree Evaluation at 541-383-7500 or email