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College Life

At COCC, we make it easy to jump on the path to success. We'll help you map out your schedule with an academic advisor. We'll help you stay on track with tutoring, resume writing and managing test anxiety workshops, and a career resource center will guide you to the road of employment.

But don't forget to make fun part of your curriculum! Join a club. Shoot hoops. Climb a mountain. Jam at a local concert. Write an article for The Broadside, COCC's student newspaper. Explore the halls outside of the classroom... we guarantee you'll like what you'll see.

College Life - Students Talking

Active Campus Life

From arts and culture to sports and recreation, COCC has an active campus life and a wide range of activities and programs to help you meet new friends and have a great time outside of the classroom.

Housing, Dining, and Transportation

COCC has an on-campus residence hall, campus food service, and transportation options to help you make the most of your time on-campus.

Academic Support

COCC has an solid array of services to support your academic achievement and help you reach your goals.