Curriculum Process Summary

 2014-15 DEADLINES--Dec 12th, 2014 for submissions of new degrees/certificates, all new degrees or certificates must be approved by Academic Affairs during fall term.  January 23rd, 2015 for all other submissions:

  1. Meet with the Curriculum Coordinator (CC) x3772 to discuss your change (Please start early waiting for the deadline will slow your approval down considerably).
  2. Discuss your change with Admissions and Records x3716, to ensure your submission can be enforced in Grad Tracks and Banner; they will fill out a records review form for you.
  3. Fill out the forms specified for the type of change your making.
  4. Email your unsigned forms to the Curriculum Coordinator for review.  If edits are required the forms will be sent back to you with the changes annotated.  If you have questions while filling out the appropriate forms please contact the Curriculum Coordinator at x3772; by working together early we can streamline the process and reduce time spent making changes.
  5. Once the forms are complete and signed appropriately email the forms back to the curriculum office.  The proposed course and/or program changes will be placed on the Curriculum Committee meeting agenda in the order they are received and complete.  You and the department chair will receive notification when your proposed changes are on the agenda.
  6. The department chair or a designated department representative must be present at the Curriculum Committee meeting for first reading to answer questions and annotate changes for second reading.
  7. Second reading will take place at least two weeks after first reading if all requested edits are complete. You have 1 week after a first reading to return the edits back to the curriculum coordinator.  If the committee has no further questions regarding the proposed changes after first reading, a department representative will not be required to attend second reading.  The committee may ask a department representative to be present for second reading if changes to the proposed course/program were suggested during first reading and need clarification. 
  8. After approval the CC will input the changes into Banner, Webforms (the state system) and notify the department.  State approval can take anywhere from 1-4 months. 

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