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To register, call 541.383.7270 or click on class title (requires Adobe Flash).                          

Reflexology for Everyone
Learn the amazing, effective art and science of reflexology. This intensive weekend will be equally powerful for body workers looking to expand their technique, as well as individuals with no background at all. Reflexology is an ancient technique backed by modern science that activates the healing powers of the body through stimulation of points on the hands and feet. These points correlate to every gland, organ and part of the body both small and large to initiate healing change. This class is designed for students to emerge confident in their knowledge and ability to tap into their own power. Both individuals and couples are encouraged to learn techniques for self as well as others.
Elyse Williams               Bend HCC 170                     18805
3/4                                1:00pm-4:00 Sa
3/5                                10:00am-04:00 Su                Cost $179                            

Heart Coherence: Practices & Benefits
Explore the practice of HeartMath meditation and how to achieve the state called heart coherence - the measurable synchronization of our physical, mental and emotional states. With 15 years of research from the Institute of HeartMath behind it, this practice and the state of heart coherence have been proven, time and again, to have profound physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. We can achieve many of these benefits by practicing for just 10 minutes per day. This workshop is for you if you are someone who wants to learn, not only a new technique/practice, but also the science behind why it works and the possibilities for improving your health and life by using it. Bring the following to class: a pen, journal or notebook, refillable water bottle and refillable hot beverage cup, cushion and/or blanket. Some cushions and chairs will be available. Water and tea available at class. Meets at Sol Alchemy, 2150 NE Studio Rd. #A5.  
Breyn Hibbs                    noon-4:00 Su                       18855
2/19                                Bend OTHER                       Cost $59                                                             

Reiki is a gentle, noninvasive, powerful practice that is rising in popularity as an effective alternative complementary treatment for healing. It is becoming widely accepted across health related fields. Many hospitals, including the St. Charles Cancer Center, offer Reiki treatments for patients. Numerous scientific studies have validated that Reiki treatments can shorten recovery times after surgeries and injuries, lower resting heart rate and blood pressure, and impart feelings of peace and calm. Reiki is for anyone wishing to enhance well-being through use of the Reiki energy for themselves or loved ones. Reiki skills are a great addition for anyone in a healing and helping profession. Whether you are a curious individual, parent, caretaker, yoga instructor, massage therapist, acupuncturist or counselor, Reiki training can enhance your professional skill set.

Reiki Level I in Bend with Breyn Hibbs
Explore the history and philosophy of Reiki. You'll learn how to do a self-Reiki practice and how to practice on others. Bring the following to class: a pen, journal or notebook, packed lunch, cushion and/or blanket. Some cushions and chairs will be available. Water and tea available at class--bring your own cup. Meets at Sol Alchemy, 2150 NE Studio Rd. #A5.  
Breyn Hibbs                    9:00am-4:00 Su                  18854
2/12                                Bend OTHER                      Cost $99                              

Healing with Reiki: Level II in Sisters with Karen Roth
For students who have completed Reiki I, this class teaches techniques to promote emotional and mental healing, and to provide long distance healing. Receive documentation of completion as a Reiki II practitioner (6 contact hours). Bring a pen, journal and water. 
Karen Roth                         9:30am-4:30 Sa                18756
3/11                                    Sisters DPL-SI                   Cost $99                                               

What is Energy Medicine?
Explore powerful ways to improve your health in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment by applying the concepts of Eden Energy Medicine pioneered by Donna Eden. At the end of this class, you'll know what Energy Medicine is and how it works. This informative and thought provoking class will cover the latest scientific research, current theories of energy healing modalities, and specific applications and benefits of Eden Energy Medicine. 
Gail Jett                             9:00am-1:00 Sa                 18682
2/25                                   Bend CHLAB 301               Cost $59

Energy Medicine for the Eyes
Discover how to use energy medicine for eye health in this informative and interactive class based on the work of Donna Eden and Meir Schneider, author of Vision for Life. Learn to be proactive with your eye health and possibly improve, or even correct current, eye problems. Have fun as you learn how to see more clearly. 
Gail Jett                             9:00am-1:00 Sa                  18683
3/25                                   Bend HCC 140                    Cost $59                               


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