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E::SPACE Labs, in collaboration with COCC Continuing Education, offers courses in design skills, technology development and entrepreneurship to give you the tools to deliver innovative solutions into the exploding and competitive field of mobile connected devices.   

Immerse yourself into a culture of rapid prototyping, market critique and iteration and get ready to launch a new venture. Whether you are looking to start a new technology career or you want to advance your current career, E::SPACE and COCC Continuing Education can power you to the next level.

Smart homes and cities, robotics and automation, digital health and autonomous transportation are all transforming our daily lives and powering innovation across the globe.  The pace of innovation processes has not only increased rapidly, but the processes themselves have changed radically.  Innovation in the 21st century is created by new technologies AND by new business models.                                                              Color-Block Divider Wide

To register, call 541.383.7270 or click on class title (requires Adobe Flash).

Coming Soon! Other Technical Training options - Registration opens March 2017. 
Call 541.383.7270

Solder School


Introduction to Linux

DIY Robotics


People to People Selling Strategies


Introduction to Arduino

NOTE: Students 15 and under are welcome to register and attend these classes accompanied by a parent. Both child and parent must register and pay. Parent must attend all class sessions with their child. For registration with a child 15 or under, contact E::SPACE Labs by email

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