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COCC Community Learning photography classes teach you the basics, enhance your understanding of what your camera can do and challenge the avid photographer to new levels. 

Advanced Photography
Discover composition elements that will help you create the WOW factor. Understand how to use your camera's advanced controls and lenses as creative tools to modify detail, contrast, form and depth. Expand your knowledge of shutter speed, ISO and depth of field as compositional tools. Learn how to use supplementary light sources such as reflectors and flash. See demonstrations of specialty tools and software that can help you move to the next level.  Have your favorite images critiqued in a positive classroom environment. Make sure you bring your camera, lenses and manual.  A camera capable of manual exposure controls is required. Taught by professional photographer.
Robert Agli                      Bend PIO 114                     36497
8/6                                  9:00am-1:00 Sa 
8/13                                8:00am-1:00 Sa                  Cost $99

iPhone Photography Basics
Discover how to take incredible photos with your iPhone. This class will teach you how to use the camera more effectively, basic composition, editing images, and apps that add features and benefits. Taught by a professional photographer.                                
Timothy Park
                 5:30pm-8:30 Tu                   36500
8/9                                 Bend CHLAB 301                Cost $59

Timothy Park                  5:30pm-8:30 M                    49544
10/3                               Bend CCC 116                    Cost $59                              

Timothy Park                  5:30pm-8:30 M                   49545
11/14                              Bend CHLAB 301               Cost $59

Wildland Photography
Capture the beauty of Central Oregon with your camera by creating a stronger, personal vision of the images you want. Discover how acclaimed photographers have captured natural images and develop a deeper understanding of composition techniques and how to apply them to your personal vision. Class includes a field trip on the second day. 
Abbott Schindler              Bend CHLAB 301               36486
8/11                                1:00pm-4:00 Th
8/12                                8:00am-2:00 F                    Cost $99                                      

NEW! The New Photograph – Canon Explorers of Light Program
Learn best approaches to wildlife, including the power of the portrait and the environmental shot, and how to apply panorama and HDR effects to your wildlife studies. Explore panoramic landscapes and the gigascape (ultra-high-resolution panoramas) and how and when to employ High Dynamic Range and Unlimited Depth of Field to empower your scenic work. Discover new options for high-magnification/macro photography of subjects from flowers to snowflakes, butterflies to tide-pool denizens, and learn how to maximize depth of field at high-magnification. Embrace the capabilities of new DSLRs featuring video (yes, you can do it!) and time-lapse sequencing to enhance your viewers' enjoyment of your presentations. For more information, visit our Canon Explorers of Light Webpage.
Stephen Johnson               9:00am-noon Sa                49476
11/12                                Bend PCA                        Cost $15

Basic Photography
Are you new to digital photography? Do you use a camera with automatic settings? Come let a professional photographer improve your understanding of what makes a good picture and how to take one.  Learn camera basics, lighting, key shooting techniques and much more. Bring your camera and user’s manual. 
Robert Agli                        9:00am-4:00 Sa                  49520
9/24                                  Bend PIO 114                    Cost $99                              

Timothy Park                     9:00am-4:00 Sa                  49609
10/29                                Redmond RTEC 127           Cost $99               

Intermediate Photography
Enhance the impact of your images by understanding the elements of composition. Take your camera off auto to discover how controlling exposure, motion, depth of field and focus will get you the shot you truly want. Taught by a professional photographer, this class is intended for those using cameras with adjustable shutter, aperture and other advanced controls. You will especially benefit if your camera uses interchangeable or auxiliary lenses. Bring your camera and manual. 
Robert Agli                        Bend PIO 114                     49521
10/8                                  9:00am-1:00 Sa
10/15                                8:00am-1:00 Sa                 Cost $99                               

Photographing Bend: A Photo Tour of the City
Spend a morning photographing Bend's local scenes with a professional photographer who will provide onsite guidance. Discussions about composition, point of view, problem solving, shape, form and voice will be emphasized onsite. Later in the day, techniques will be reviewed along with your work. This class is for any photographer comfortable using the camera equipment of their choice including smartphones. 
Rob Kerr                           9:00am-4:00 Sa                  49478
10/8                                  Bend MAZ 222                   Cost $129

NEW! Lighting for Photography
Tired of the "flashed" and "washed-out" look of your flash photos? Or maybe you are wondering how to actually use that extra flash in your camera bag. Learn off-camera lighting techniques from a professional photographer. Instructor will discuss how quality photos were created and what equipment was used. Observe live demonstrations indoors and out using electronic flashes and studio strobe equipment. Students should have good working knowledge of their camera.  NOTE: This is not a photography class, it is a lighting class for photography. Seating is limited to 8 participants. 
Timothy Park                      9:00am-1:00 Sa                  49619
10/8                                   Bend HCC 260                   Cost $79                               

NEW! Photographic Composition Workshop 
Central Oregon has unbelievably beautiful areas to photograph. But how do you get the best picture? What is it about certain pictures that attract your eye? This class will help you make compelling images by understanding how to create and express your vision with the help of a camera. Get the fundamentals of composition in class. And then make use of your new learning right away with a field trip on Saturday. Class prerequisites: Understanding of how to use your camera's controls to make proper exposures and a passion to make your images reflect a vision. 
Abbott Schindler                  Bend PIO 114                     49495
11/14, 16 & 21                     5:30pm-7:30 MW
11/26                                  7:00am-3:00 Sa                  Cost $199                             

The Art of Photographing People
Explore how unique photography techniques and Photoshop can be used to make people look their best. Learn about camera angles, common lighting patterns, and how light and shadow can create different shapes and the image you want. Examine how using artificial or natural light can best enhance your subject without excessive retouching of the photo. Class will include examples of famous portraits and how photographic portraiture evolved. This class will be fun and informative. Paula Bullwinkel is a professional photographer with over 25 years of experience working in NYC and London for magazines such as Vogue, GQ, Interview, British Elle, and many others.
Paula Bullwinkel                 9:00am-noon FSa                49460
11/18 to 11/19                     Bend CCC 201                    Cost $129             

Fine Art Landscape Photography
Learn the fundamental principles of fine art landscape photography. Explore new techniques in Adobe Photoshop for preparing digital files for print output, digital printing for gold leaf and acrylic paint, and creating new unique textures. Students will take a field trip to capture photos to use in class. In order to be successful in this class you need to know: basic camera functions, manual exposition, and basic understanding of depth of field and composition. This is an intermediate level course and is taught by a professional fine art photographer. 
Breezy Winters                   Bend BEC 156                   49530
11/4                                   2:30pm-8:00 F
11/5                                   9:00am-4:00 Sa                 Cost $149
NEW! Travel & Vacation Photography

Have you ever returned from a fun-filled family vacation or a picturesque destination, only to find that the photos you captured do not do the trip justice? This course is designed for those looking to improve their photographic skills, with a focus on location photography. Class will cover trip planning, gear selection and crafting images that capture the essence of a location, while still enjoying your travels. Scenic photography, food, architecture, and photographing people will also be covered. Practice your new skills on a field trip to downtown Bend and Drake Park. All camera formats are welcome but please have some familiarity with your camera of choice.
Lalove Benedict                  Bend MAZ 224                   49643
10/27 & 11/1                      6:00pm-9:00 TuTh
10/29                                9:00am-noon Sa                 Cost $99      

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