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COCC Community Learning photography classes teach you the basics, enhance your understanding of what your camera can do and challenge the avid photographer to new levels. 

Basic Photography
Are you new to digital photography? Do you use a camera with automatic settings? Come let a professional photographer improve your understanding of what makes a good picture and how to take one.  Learn camera basics, lighting, key shooting techniques and much more. Bring your camera and user's manual. 
Robert Agli                          9:00am-4:00 Sa                  36495
6/25                                      Bend PIO 114                     Cost $99                              

Intermediate Photography
Enhance the impact of your images by understanding the elements of composition. Take your camera off auto to discover how controlling exposure, motion, depth of field and focus will get you the shot you truly want. This class is taught by a professional photographer and is intended for those using cameras with adjustable shutter, aperture and other advanced controls. You will especially benefit if your camera uses interchangeable or auxiliary lenses. Bring your camera and manual. 
Robert Agli                      Bend PIO 114                        36492
7/9                                    9:00am-1:00 Sa
7/16                                 8:00am-1:00 Sa                     Cost $99               

Advanced Photography
Discover composition elements that will help you create the WOW factor. Understand how to use your camera's advanced controls and lenses as creative tools to modify detail, contrast, form and depth. Expand your knowledge of shutter speed, ISO and depth of field as compositional tools. Learn how to use supplementary light sources such as reflectors and flash. See demonstrations of specialty tools and software that can help you move to the next level.  Have your favorite images critiqued in a positive classroom environment. Make sure you bring your camera, lenses and manual.  A camera capable of manual exposure controls is required. Taught by professional photographer.
Robert Agli              Bend PIO 114                     36497
8/6                            9:00am-1:00 Sa 
8/13                          8:00am-1:00 Sa                  Cost $99               

NEW! Photo Essays
Tell a story with photographs. Advance your story-telling photography skills by working on a project, selecting photographs and presenting a photo essay. Learn how to organize and display photographs to communicate visually. All levels welcome but you must be comfortable operating your own camera equipment. Taught by a professional photographer. 
Rob Kerr  
              6:00pm-8:00 Tu                 36470
7/12 to 8/2              Bend MAZ 220                   Cost $99

iPhone Photography Basics
Discover how to take incredible photos with your iPhone. This class will teach you how to use the camera more effectively, basic composition, editing images, and apps that add features and benefits. Taught by a professional photographer. 
Timothy Park
           5:30pm-8:30 M                    36501
6/27                            Bend CHLAB 301               Cost $59                              

Timothy Park            5:30pm-8:30 Tu                   36500
8/9                              Bend CHLAB 301               Cost $59

Wildland Photography
Capture the beauty of Central Oregon with your camera by creating a stronger, personal vision of the images you want. Discover how acclaimed photographers have captured natural images and develop a deeper understanding of composition techniques and how to apply them to your personal vision. Class includes a field trip on the second day. 
Abbott Schindler          Bend CHLAB 301              36486
8/11                                1:00pm-4:00 Th
8/12                                8:00am-2:00 F                    Cost $99

Photographing Bend: A Photo Tour of the City
Spend a morning photographing Bend's local scenes with a professional photographer who will provide onsite guidance. Discussions about composition, point of view, problem solving, shape, form and voice will be emphasized onsite. Later in the day, techniques will be reviewed along with your work. This class is for any photographer comfortable using the camera equipment of their choice including smartphones. 
Rob Kerr                    9:00am-4:00 Sa                  36466
7/16                            Bend MAZ 222                   Cost $129

Summer Sport Photography Workshop
Gain hands-on action sports photography experience with professional photographer Mike Albright. After an initial classroom session, move outdoors to take pictures at the Oregon Lacrosse Classic, High Desert Classic Horse Show, Crit Masters Race, and Cascade Cycling Classic. Learn the secrets to lighting, stop action, positioning for the best shot, best camera settings and much more. Mike has been shooting sports for 35 years both nationally and internationally.  
Michael Albright               Bend CHLAB 207               36527
7/21                                    1:00pm-9:00 Th 
7/22                                    9:00am-noon F  
7/23                                    1:00pm-4:00 Sa 
7/24                                    11:00am-4:00 Su               Cost $575     

Fine Art Landscape Photography
Explore the fundamental principles of fine art landscape photography from a professional photographer. Learn new techniques in Adobe Photoshop for preparing digital files for print output, digital printing for gold leaf and acrylic paint, and creating new unique textures. This is an intermediate level photography class.  Students should have a good understanding of basic camera functions, manual exposure, depth of field and composition. 
Breezy Winters                 Bend BEC 156                     36502
8/2                                         2:30pm-8:00 Tu
8/3                                         9:00am-4:00 W                  Cost $149        

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