Abbott Schindler

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Abbott has been photographing birds, wildlife and general nature subjects since 1967. His photography benefits from his extensive career experience in areas of biomedical and computer R&D, studies of photographic technique and composition, and experiences teaching classes and workshops—and many hours of practice. Abbott has served as a photographer at the High Desert Museum since 2008, allowing him to gain knowledge of raptor behavior that helps him capture stunning photos of birds-in-flight. His work has been published in scientific and industry journals and fine art books, and is used extensively by the High Desert Museum. 

Abbott’s broad range of interests, experience and outgoing personality contribute to his ability to communicate complex subjects so laypeople can understand them. He loves to share his in-depth knowledge and encourage others in the art and skill of photography.

COCC Continuing Education classes taught by Abbott include: Abbott Schindler

  • Wildflowers of the Cascades Hiking & Photography
  • Wildland Photography
  • Do More with Your Advanced Camera
  • Getting Started with Aperture 3
  • Mac Data Protection
  • Macintosh Troubleshooting
  • Mac OSX Support ACSP

Here is what students have to say about Abbott:

"Very knowledgeable. Engaging."

"Even in the presence of the pro, he never made me feel like an amateur. His feedback on my work was very constructive and never negative. He's perfect fit to teach this class."

"Abbot is hugely knowledgeable and his class was excellent."

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