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Education + Exercise = Great Medicine

Our goal is to give you the education and movement you need for a healthier life.

COCC Community Learning is your source for safe, effective and enjoyable exercise to support your long-term health. We offer a wide range of exercise classes including: Better Bones & Balance™, Back Health classes, Golf, Hiking, Yoga, Tai Chi, Belly Dancing and more.  

Healthy Living with Nutrition
Topics for Healthy Living is a series of talks on a variety of nutrition and fitness topics. Pick and choose from this variety of nutrition and fitness topics to find your way to a healthier life. 

Through education, wellness becomes a way of life. Join us for nutrition classes, movement classes, Reiki, meditation, Heart Coherence, Chakra Healing and much more.

If you would like assistance choosing the right class for you, please call (541) 383-7270 or email

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