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Who Am I? An Introduction to the Enneagram
You may not be who you think you are! The Enneagram personality system reveals that your personality type is not who you are; it is how you have learned to be. WHO you are is another matter entirely. In this class, you will learn that your behaviors (and those of everyone else) are a result of unconscious motivations that are quite predictable and changeable. Explore this amazing tool of self-discovery, and in the process, tap into a deep compassion for others and yourself. For this interactive class, please bring a pen, a journal or notebook and your desire to learn. 
Kathleen Paterno             9:30am-3:30 Sa                   18830
2/11                                Bend CHLAB 301                Cost $89
Pet Partner Team Training

Central Oregon needs trained and qualified pet therapy teams! This workshop will provide you with the skills needed to visit with your animal safely in hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms, and other facilities. Also covered are the requirements to pass the Pet Partner Team evaluation. Your instructor will cover the following topics: how to tell if both you and your animal are a good fit for Pet Partners; how to prepare yourself and your animal for visits; special needs of specific client groups; facility health and safety codes; patient confidentiality.  This class is for the human end of the leash.  Do NOT bring your animal to class. Pet Partner Team Evaluations offered on an ongoing basis. Call Community Learning for more information.
Kathleen Barron             9:00am-05:00 Sa                18698
2/18                              Bend CHLAB 301               Cost $125.00

Would you like to organize your belongings, finances, time and life?  Come and learn the tricks to organizing. The first session focuses on organizing your excess belongings and the second session works with organizing documents and finances. Learn timesaving tips to incorporate into your busy life. Bring questions and pictures of your areas in need of organizing. This is always a fun class! 
Sally Jacobson               1:00pm-4:00 W                   18690
3/1 to 3/8                       Redmond RTEC 138            Cost $49                  


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