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NEW! Essential Employ-ability: Job Skills Workshop
Attention all high school students! Will you be looking for your first job soon? Learn the skills necessary for getting, keeping, and being successful in any job including retail, food and beverage, and general labor. Specific skills students will learn include: writing a resume, applying for a job, writing a cover letter, interviewing skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, customer service skills, and employment etiquette. Students will be able to demonstrate these skills through hands-on activities, including role-playing, visual tools, and critical thinking. Learning these skills is sure to make you stand out from the crowd!  Students must be 16+ to register.
Samuel La Duca           9:00am-3:00 Sa                           28343
5/13                                 Bend CUL 120                        Cost $79              

Learn About Horses
This two-part class is great for anyone considering purchasing a horse, taking riding lessons or anyone with an interest in horses. The first class will cover communication with horses, horse perspective, herd dynamics, your leadership skills, handling, and safety.
This class is sure to teach you more about yourself as well as why horses are very special teachers. Each class is tailored to the experience of the participants. In the second class, you’ll discover how to intelligently choose a horse and what it takes to care for a horse. You’ll learn about all aspects of horse health, psychological well-being, grooming, costs, equipment and tack. You will also learn about when you might need a professional. No experience needed and no riding involved. Wear closed-toe leather shoes and wear layers. Class meets at 64295 Schibel Rd. Liability form required. 
Shera Felde                        1:00pm-4:00 Sa                          28261
4/29 to 5/6                         Bend OTHER                             Cost $175                                         

Learn About Horses Part One Only
Shera Felde                        1:00pm-4:00 Sa                          28264
4/29                                   Bend OTHER                           Cost $89

Learn About Horses Part Two Only
Shera Felde                        1:00pm-4:00 Sa                          28265
5/6                                     Bend OTHER                             Cost $89

Equine Facilitate Learning: Creating Balance
Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is an innovative and respected technique in the realm of personal and professional development. In this unique and effective class, you will work outside with horses as you learn to let your heart-felt priorities guide your life rather than your to-do list. Interacting with horses is very effective in revealing the stories that keep us in patterns we no longer want in our lives. Learn to create your ideal balance and eliminate the patterns that are keeping you from achieving the feeling of balance. All interactions are done on the ground (no riding) and no experience with horses is necessary. Wear closed-toe leather shoes and wear layers. Class meets at 64295 Schibel Rd. Liability form required.
Shera Felde                      1:00pm-4:00 Sa                          28260
5/20                                  Bend OTHER                            Cost $89

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