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To register, call (541) 383-7270 or click on class title (requires Adobe Flash).

NEW! Learn about Horses
If you are considering purchasing a horse, taking riding lessons, or just have an interest in horses, Learn about Horses will answer many of your questions and help you feel confident around horses. You'll learn about horse psychology, care, health, costs, handling, safety, tack, horse communication, choosing a horse, and local and online resources. This class does not include riding, all activities are ground based. Children age 7-15 are welcome to register and attend with a registered parent or guardian; child/adult pair will receive a $20 discount. Class meets at 64295 Schibel Rd. Liability form required.
Shera Felde            1:00pm-4:00 Sa                    27887
6/11                        Bend OTHER                       Cost $89                              

Shera Felde            1:00pm-4:00 Sa                    27888
6/18                       Bend OTHER                       Cost $89

Equine Facilitate Learning
Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is an innovative and respected technique in the realm of personal and professional development.  In this unique and effective class, you will work outside on the ground (no riding) with horses to explore your own skills with non-verbal communication, empathy and listening, body awareness, boundaries, confidence and leadership. Horses provide in-the-moment feedback about leadership and communication skills. Learn how horses communicate, organize themselves as a community and relate to us. Activities individually and in small groups include leading the horse, working together to achieve a goal with the horse, grooming and observation. Workshop results are unique to the participants and their goals. Wear closed-toe leather shoes and wear layers. Class meets at 64295 Schibel Rd. Class held weather permitting. Will be rescheduled in the event of inclement weather. Liability form required.

EFL Communicating with Others - Offers you the opportunity to explore your own communication effectiveness, empathy, boundaries, and relational skills with regard to trust, respect, and acceptance.
Shera Felde
            1:00pm-4:00 Sa                    27910
4/30                       Bend OTHER                       Cost $69                              

EFL Communicating with the World - Carry your skills into the world and examine your contribution to the greater community including community values, roles, and leadership skills.
Shera Felde
            1:00pm-4:00 Sa                    27911
5/14                       Bend OTHER                       Cost $69       

NEW! EFL Strengths & Intuition - Identifying your natural talents and strengths and building on them is the focus of this class. You'll practice using and trusting intuition for decision making and practicing sensitivity. Examine characteristics of natural talents, strengths, and intuition and then interact with the horses for personal feedback. It is suggested, but not required, that students take StrengthsFinder 2.0 online before attending the workshop. Cost for Top 5 Strengths Assessment is $15. https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com/Purchase/en-US/Product
Shera Felde
            1:00pm-4:00 Sa                    27889
5/7                         Bend OTHER                       Cost $69 

NEW! EFL Confidence & Decision Making - Do you find that taking risks and potentially making mistakes prohibits you from pursuing new ideas and experiences? Do you have trouble trusting yourself when you make important decisions and end up sitting on the fence or letting others make the decision for you? In this class, you'll look at how past experiences, present circumstances, and future predictions affect your confidence and decision making. Interact with the horses to identify individual patterns and then review changes you can make as well as celebrate your abilities.
Shera Felde
             1:00pm-4:00 Sa                   27892
5/28                         Bend OTHER                      Cost $69

NEW! Reiki & Horses Levels I & II
This experiential workshop provides the knowledge and understanding of the system of Reiki and how to treat both animals and humans with the Reiki energy. Reiki provides a way of healing that reduces stress and promotes deep personal well-being--enriching all your interactions with humans and animals. Experience a unique opportunity to discover a way of being with horses rather than the usual doing with horses. Activities on the ground with horses are interspersed with interactive lecture and discussion and practicing Reiki. If you love horses (whether you have them in your life or not) and want to cultivate a deeper understanding and relationship with them, with yourself and with others in your life, this workshop is for you. If you are a licensed or certified healing and helping professional like a doctor, nurse, caregiver, massage therapist, you will learn new professional skills. Horses love the Reiki energy and you will too. Class includes handouts, the book Animal Reiki by Kathleen Prasad as well as snacks and lunch. Bring a journal and wear closed toed shoes or boots and layered clothing. Rain or shine. Class meets at 21325 Back Alley Road. Liability form required.

Reiki & Horses Level I
Learn the history and precepts of Reiki, receive the Reiki I attunement (a process of integrating the Reiki energy), compare human and animal Reiki and practice Reiki on the horses and each other. You will also be spending time with the horses on the ground before the attunement process. Registration for Spring 2016 is now closed.     

Reiki & Horses Level II
Level I Reiki training required before taking this class. Learn 3 Reiki symbols and their meanings and be attuned to these symbols. You will spend time with the horses on the ground before and after the attunement process as you bestow the Reiki energy upon them. Includes time to practice Reiki on one another, become more comfortable with your intuition and learn how to send Reiki from a distance. 
Debra Reynolds              9:30am-6:00 Sa                 28021
5/21                               Bend OTHER                    Cost $225

Lunch & Learn in Sisters 

This six-week series of comprehensive topics will inform, stimulate thinking and offer an opportunity to explore subjects in a survey format. The topics change each week and range from history to travel, adventure to world affairs, art to science and more. 
Greg Filzen                  noon-1:00 W            27923
4/6 to 5/11                   Sisters DPL-SI         Cost $19                               

4/6: Lessons from the Pacific Crest Trail - Jim Kress, retired COCC professor

4/13: Central Oregon Place Names - Steve Lent, Bowman Museum

4/20: A Clash of Cultures: Experience in the Middle East - Dresden Moss, Madras Resident

4/27: Falconry - A Family Affair - Dan Cecchini, COCC CIO & Eastern Oregon University Regional Director

5/4: Clean Air in Beijing and Other Surprises - Aimee & Tate Metcalf, Sisters Residents

5/11: Alpacas in Central Oregon - Scott Miller, Crescent Moon Ranch

Would you like to organize your stuff, finances, time and life?  Then come to this class and learn the tricks to organizing.  Bring pictures of your mess to share and questions, too.  This is always a fun class.
Sally Jacobson         6:00pm-9:00 W                   28155
4/20 to 4/27              Redmond RTEC 127           Cost $89      

NEW! Feng Shui: Understanding the Energy of Your Home
Learn and understand the ancient concept of energy movement in and around your home. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that harmonizes people with their surrounding environment.  Use Feng Shui techniques in your home to create a balanced and harmonious environment and improve your Health, Wealth and Relationship Harmony.
Pamela Gaszynski       1:00pm-3:00 Sa                 28034
4/23 to 4/30                 Bend BEC 152                   Cost $39

The Art of Comic Book Creation for Beginners
Learn step-by-step comic book creation including story writing, script, page layout, drawing, inking, color and tone addition, and dialogue. The instructor will supervise and offer guidance during hands-on sessions. Students are asked to have an idea for their comic prior to attending class. Students will be expected to complete 2-4 sections ahead of each class. By the end of the course, each student should complete a 4-page comic book. The stories and comics will be printed as a collection and given to each participant. For those that prefer to create a comic book on a computer, please bring a laptop with Photoshop or comic book drawing program such as Manga Studio. Instructor will provide preprinted 11X17 inch comic book pages for $1 each for those who prefer to do comics by hand. Materials are required for this class. Please see "Materials List" instructions on page 55 of the schedule or request by email: ceinfo@cocc.edu. Although not required, students are encouraged to read the follow reference books and prepare for class: Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels by Scott McCloud; Drawing Words and Writing Pictures: Making Comics: Manga, Graphic Novels, and Beyond by Jessica Abel & Matt Madden. These books are not available in the COCC Bookstore. 
Dresden Moss              6:00pm-9:00 W                  27865
4/20 to 5/11                 Redmond RDM3 312          Cost $99

Mah Jongg: A Game of Strategy

Join the growing number of people who play this exciting and intellectually challenging game. Originally from China, Mah Jongg is a fascinating, rummy-like game played with tiles rather than cards. Learn the National League rules of play and find out about opportunities to play locally. Cost of Mah Jongg card is included in the cost of the class and will be provided at the first session.  Please note: Attendance at the first session is mandatory in order to learn the rules and how to play. 
Denise Brines                10:00am-11:30 Tu              27881
4/26 to 5/17                   Bend SRCTR                    Cost $59                        

Great Decisions 2016
For over 55 years, Great Decisions has inspired citizens to discover, discuss and decide how some of the world's greatest challenges can be met.  Participants will gain a better understanding of global topics affecting America's role in the world by looking at 8 of the most significant challenges.  This program is developed and promoted by the World Affairs Council.  A different topic will be discussed each week and may include guest lecturers. Price includes textbook:  Great Decisions 2016 - Foreign Policy Association.
Wayne Metcalf                    6:30pm-8:30 Tu                   28126
4/5 to 5/24                          Bend BEC 152                     Cost $79                              

Who Will Be President Number 45?
Are you ready for the 2016 Presidential Election and President Number 45? Have you ever wondered how much the media influences our Presidential Elections? Come and learn from nationally distinguished award winner, Wayne Metcalf III, who has served in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government. Get ready to discover, discuss, and make your next vote count! 
Wayne Metcalf                    6:30pm-8:30 Th                   28124
4/21 to 5/26                        Bend BEC 152                    Cost $49      

NEW! How to Be a Professional Model I 
Agents and agencies are constantly looking for male and female models. Find out what it takes to become a part of the fashion and commercial modeling industry. Carol Lukens has been a talent agent for over 40 years. She most recently worked with the Miss USA pageant in Oregon. She has experience as a model as well. Here is your opportunity to get started in the right direction for a modeling career or avocation. Whether you are 16 or 80 there are different advertising needs. Fashion models for print and runway, and lifestyle or sports models for print and commercials.
Carol Lukens                  10:00am-1:00 Sa                    28133                                                      
5/7                                   Bend BEC 155                     Cost $79        

Spring RV Maintenance Made Easy
Get your RV ready for the spring and summer seasons. Take care of your valuable investment and make de-winterizing your RV inside and out a simple process. You'll get tips on retaining your RV’s exterior good looks and functionality. Learn to troubleshoot and care for your RV's interior, appliances and wheels. Class will include hands-on experience with an RV. Dress for indoor/ outdoor session.
Larry Nonemaker                 9:00am-5:00 Sa                  28211
5/14                                   Redmond RTEC 124            Cost $75
Pet Partner Team Training
Central Oregon needs trained and qualified pet therapy teams. This workshop will provide you with the skills needed to visit safely with your animal in hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms and other facilities. Also covered are the requirements to pass the Pet Partner Team evaluation. Your instructor will cover the following topics: how to tell if both you and your animal are a good fit for Pet Partners, how to prepare yourself and your animal for visits, special needs of specific client groups, facility health and safety codes, and patient confidentiality. Required text included in class price. This class is for the human end of the leash. Do not bring your dog to class. Register by Friday, June 10 to have a text at class. No refunds after this date. 
Kathleen Barron & Jack Barron                 9:00am-5:00 Sa                  28062
6/18                                                                 Bend CHLAB 301               Cost $125                                                                                                 

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