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To register, call (541) 383-7270 or click on class title (requires Adobe Flash).

Cascade Conference on Successful Aging
This annual conference focuses on current topics in the social, physical and emotional/spiritual aging process. Open to professionals from a variety of fields (healthcare, legal, social, education, etc.) as well as the public. California Board of Nursing CEUs are provided for the sessions. For more information, visit www.cocc.edu/cascadeagingconf/.
Brenda Chilcott       7:30am-5:00 Tu                    49316
9/13                       Bend CCC 201                      Cost $79

Learn about Horses

If you are considering purchasing a horse, taking riding lessons, or just have an interest in horses, Learn about Horses will answer many of your questions and help you feel confident around horses. You'll learn about horse psychology, care, health, costs, handling, safety, tack, horse communication, choosing a horse, and local and online resources. This class does not include riding, all activities are ground based. Class meets at 64295 Schibel Rd. Liability form required. 
Shera Felde            9:00am-noon Sa                   49473
10/8                       Bend OTHER                        Cost $89                              

Shera Felde            1:00pm-4:00 Sa                   49468
11/12                      Bend OTHER                       Cost $89

Equine Facilitated Learning
Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is an innovative and respected technique in the realm of personal and professional development.  In this unique and effective class, you will work outside on the ground (no riding) with horses to explore your own skills with non-verbal communication, empathy and listening, body awareness, boundaries, confidence and leadership. Horses provide in-the-moment feedback about leadership and communication skills. Learn how horses communicate, organize themselves as a community and relate to us. Activities individually and in small groups include leading the horse, working together to achieve a goal with the horse, grooming and observation. Workshop results are unique to the participants and their goals. Wear closed-toe leather shoes and wear layers. Class meets at 64295 Schibel Rd. Class held weather permitting. Will be rescheduled in the event of inclement weather. Liability form required.
EFL Communicating with Yourself
Learn about your comfort with risk, confidence, perspectives, and self-awareness of thought, emotion, and body language. Liability form required.
Shera Felde            9:00am-noon Sa               49475
9/24                        Bend OTHER                   Cost $69                              

EFL Communicating with Others
Offers you the opportunity to explore your own communication effectiveness, empathy, boundaries, and relational skills with regard to trust, respect, and acceptance. Liability form required.
Shera Felde            9:00am-noon Sa               49474
10/1                        Bend OTHER                   Cost $69                              

EFL Communicating with the World
Carry your skills into the world and examine your contribution to the greater community including community values, roles, and leadership skills. Liability form required.
Shera Felde            9:00am-noon Sa                 49472
10/15                      Bend OTHER                    Cost $69                                      

EFL Trust & Vulnerability

Living in relationships with others often involves vulnerability and trust. For many people, experiences of broken trust lead to guardedness or separation. This session examines the benefits and the interrelated nature of vulnerability and trust. Horses are inherently vulnerable and experts at evaluating others for trust. You will look at how your individual process of change can best lead to increased trust, openness, and comfort in relationships with others and yourself. 
Shera Felde             1:00pm-4:00 Sa                   49469
11/5                         Bend OTHER                      Cost $69

EFL Strengths & Intuition

Identifying your natural talents and strengths and building on them is the focus of this class. You'll practice using and trusting intuition for decision making and practicing sensitivity. Examine characteristics of natural talents, strengths, and intuition and then interact with the horses for personal feedback. It is suggested, but not required, that students take StrengthsFinder 2.0 online before attending the workshop. Cost for Top 5 Strengths Assessment is $15. https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com/Purchase/en-US/Product
Shera Felde              1:00pm-4:00 Sa                   49471
10/22                        Bend OTHER                      Cost $69

EFL Confidence & Decision Making
Do you find that taking risks and potentially making mistakes prohibits you from pursuing new ideas and experiences? Do you have trouble trusting yourself when you make important decisions and end up sitting on the fence or letting others make the decision for you? In this class, you'll look at how past experiences, present circumstances, and future predictions affect your confidence and decision making. Interact with the horses to identify individual patterns and then review changes you can make as well as celebrate your abilities.
Shera Felde              1:00pm-4:00 Sa                   49467
11/19                        Bend OTHER                      Cost $69

EFL Living in the Present
Living in our bodies with sensory awareness and present moment observation has become difficult with the barrage of thoughts, tasks, and emotional turmoil many of us live with. Because horses live moment to moment, keenly in awareness, they are excellent practice partners for us. In this session, you'll use techniques like massage, aromatherapy, timed activities, and observation to experience staying present. Liability form required.
Shera Felde             1:00pm-4:00 Sa                   49470
10/29                       Bend OTHER                      Cost $69 

Pet Partner Team Training
This workshop will provide you with the skills needed to visit safely with your animal in hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms and other facilities. Also covered are the requirements to pass the Pet Partner Team evaluation. Your instructor will cover the following topics: how to tell if both you and your animal are a good fit for Pet Partners, how to prepare yourself and your animal for visits, special needs of specific client groups, facility health and safety codes, and patient confidentiality. Required text included in class price. This class is for the human end of the leash. Do not bring your dog to class. Deadline for registration, Friday, October 7, 5pm. No refunds after this date. Class meets at the St Charles Medical Center, Classroom G, 2500 NE Neff Rd. 
Selina Witt                9:00am-5:00 Sa                  49466
10/15                        Bend SCMC                       Cost $125                             

Pet Partner Team Evaluation

This is the evaluation session for Pet Partner teams to become approved as visiting teams. Must complete a Pet Partner training in person or online and provide proof of passing the test successfully before being evaluated. Times for your individual evaluation will be scheduled with you by your instructor before the class date. You must provide a current phone and email address when registering. 
Jack & Kathleen Barron    9:00am-5:00 Sa            49451
11/5                                Bend CHLAB 301         Cost $45

NEW! Write It Down: Guided Autobiography 
Write It Down explores the art of telling your story. Using a proven program of short structured writing assignments, students will discover ways to remember, organize, record and share important events in their lives. By sharing written stories with others in a group setting, gain an appreciation for the direction lives take and discover the courage and creativity that shows up in facing life’s challenges.  
Sue Stafford                1:00pm-4:00 Tu                  49610
9/13 to 11/15               Sisters DPL-SI                  Cost $179

You've Written Your Book, Now What?
Students will learn how to take a fiction manuscript from draft to published work. This course will compare and contrast different publishing methods available to everyone, teach the process and necessity of editing, interior and exterior layout and design, building the author’s brand, and marketing the published book. 
Dave Edlund               6:30pm-8:30 W                  49336
10/19 to 11/16            Bend BEC 152                   Cost $69

Lunch & Learn in Sisters 
This six-week series of comprehensive topics will inform, stimulate thinking and offer an opportunity to explore subjects in a survey format. The topics change each week and range from history to travel, adventure to world affairs, art to science and more.
Greg Filzen                 noon-1:00 W                     49338
10/12 to 11/16            Sisters DPL-SI                  Cost $19               

Mah Jongg: A Game of Strategy
Join the growing number of people who play this exciting and intellectually challenging game. Originally from China, Mah Jongg is a fascinating, rummy-like game played with tiles rather than cards. Learn the National League rules of play and find out about opportunities to play locally. Cost of Mah Jongg card is included in the cost of the class and will be provided at the first session. NOTE: Attendance at the first class is mandatory in order to learn the rules and how to play. 
Denise Brines            10:00am-11:30 Tu              49351
10/4 to 10/25             Bend BEC 152                  Cost $59

The Buddhist Point of View
Buddha taught that we all have a naturally conscious and loving presence. However, we get distracted by our reactions to life situations and develop habits of mind that overshadow our original nature. This class will explore how the Buddhist point of view guides the way to remembering the true heart/mind of compassion. Michael Stevens is the author of Being an Ordinary Buddha: Practicing the Natural Mind. Optional text available to purchase at class. Meets at The Natural Mind Dharma Center, 345 SW Century Dr, Ste 2. 
Michael Stevens          7:00pm-9:00 Th                 49326
10/13 to 11/17             Bend OTHER                    Cost $69               

Why the 2016 Presidential Election is So Important
With November right around the corner, are you ready to find out who will be our 45th president? Have you ever wondered how much the media influences our presidential elections? Come and learn from nationally distinguished award winner, Wayne Metcalf III, who has served in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government. Get ready to discover, discuss, and make your next vote count! Last class is on Election Day and the Election returns will be streamed live in class. 
Wayne Metcalf             6:30pm-8:30 Tu                 49388
10/4 to 11/8                 Bend BEC 152                  Cost $49

Be a Radio DJ

Interested in going 'on-air'? In this hands-on course, learn the fundamentals of radio programming, including running the mixer and mics, planning for music/talk shows and developing your own style. Get ready to volunteer for KPOV, High Desert Community Radio in Bend. All students attend the common lecture first class Saturday, 9/24 from 9am - 11:30 at COCC, followed by two studio sessions at KPOV. 
Thomas Barry & Dean Harris        Bend CHLAB 301               49567
9/24                                           9:00am-11:30 Sa
9/24 & 9/25                                 6:00pm-9:00 SaSu             Cost $49                              

Thomas Barry & Dean Harris        Bend CHLAB 301               49568
9/24                                           9:00am-11:30 Sa
9/26 & 9/27                                 6:00pm-9:00 MTu               Cost $49              

Thomas Barry & Dean Harris        Bend CHLAB 301               49565
9/24                                           9:00am-11:30 Sa
9/28 & 9/29                                6:00pm-9:00 WTh               Cost $49

Be a Radio DJ for Teens
If you are 15-18 years of age, you can train to volunteer for KPOV High Desert Community Radio in Bend. Teens completing this class will be qualified to host the Youth Radio Hour on KPOV. All students attend the common lecture first class Saturday, 9/24 from 9am- 11:30 at COCC, followed by two studio sessions at KPOV. Wednesday 9/28 & 10/5 studio sessions for teens are scheduled to correspond with KPOV’s Youth Radio Hour, 3:30 pm - 5:30.
Thomas Barry                             Bend CHLAB 301                49566
9/24                                           9:00am-11:30 Sa
9/28 & 10/5                                3:30pm-5:30 W                   Cost $49               

How to Be a Professional Model I
Here is your opportunity to get started in the right direction for a modeling career or avocation. Whether you are 16 or 80, there are different advertising needs including fashion, lifestyle or sports modeling for print, runway or commercials. Agents and agencies are constantly looking for male and female models. Find out what it takes to become a part of the fashion and commercial modeling industry. Carol Lukens has been a talent agent for over 40 years. She most recently worked with the Miss USA Pageant in Oregon. She has experience as a model as well. 
Carol Lukens                  10:00am-1:00 Sa              49356
9/24                               Bend CCC 201                 Cost $79                               

How to Be a Professional Model II
Is being a model in your future? Agents and agencies are constantly looking for male and female models. This course gives you the essential skills needed to be successful on the runway and in print. Here is your opportunity to get started right with handling the walk, turns, and attitude on the runway and what's expected in fashion shows. It will also give you what you need to know about being a print model: hair, makeup, posing, props, along with working with the stylist and photographer. Carol Lukens has been a talent agent for over 40 years. She most recently worked with the Miss USA Pageant in Oregon. She has experience as a model as well.  
Carol Lukens                  10:00am-noon Sa              49357
10/15 to 10/22                 Bend BEC 155                 Cost $79

Introduction to Machine Shop 
This is a great place to start learning metal fabrication and the use of machine tools. Gain skills using hand tools, band saw, drill press, metal lathe, milling machines and more.  Create assigned projects with oversight and instruction from the Redmond COCC Manufacturing and Applied Technology faculty. All students new to the MATC facility are required to attend class lecture on Monday and Wednesday of first week from 5:45pm-9:55 for shop safety, orientation and an introduction to the MATC self-paced environment. Special topics such as the use of specific tools will be taught throughout the course and class includes open shop hours Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. so you can work as your schedule allows. Liability form required. 
Daniel Holland                 5:45pm-9:55 MTuWTh       49364
9/26 to 11/23                   Redmond RDM3 306        Cost $389                             

Introduction to Welding 
Want a new hobby?  Looking to enhance your welding skills? This introductory course will cover basic welding processes. It includes relevant safety topics and an introduction to shielded metal arc welding. Create a self-paced welding project with oversight and instruction from the Redmond COCC Manufacturing and Applied Technology faculty. All students new to the MATC facility are required to attend class lecture on Monday and Wednesday of first week from 5:45pm-9:55 for shop safety, orientation and an introduction to the MATC self-paced environment. Includes open shop hours Monday through Thursday, 9:00am to 8:00pm so you can work as your schedule allows.  Liability form required.
Christopher Baughman      5:45pm-9:55 MTuWTh       49386
9/26 to 11/17                    Redmond RDM3 306         Cost $389

NEW! Basic Electronics 101
Gain insight into the technology that surrounds us in the modern world. This class is designed for anyone interested in electronics and no prior technical knowledge is required. Class consists of classroom time and lab work and will start with the basics and take you through advanced applications such as solving current-voltage-resistance-impedance problems, making power calculations and optimizing system performance. Students will be required to obtain class textbook, "Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics."  No class 11/23.  Class meets at E::SPACE Labs, 48 Bridgeford Blvd Suite 180, Bend, OR 97702.
Richard Frey                    6:30pm-8:00 W                  49577
9/21 to 11/30                    Bend OTHER                    Cost $150

Tuesdays at 2
Join us the second Tuesday of each month for a presentation on topics that will expand your mind, ignite your creativity and broaden your horizons. This lecture series highlights Central Oregon experts and COCC Faculty who will guide you through topics ranging from international culture to current events to emerging technologies. Leave these two-hour sessions with unique takeaways, fresh insights, fascinating discoveries and a desire to know more, do more and see more. Series registration will give you access to nine presentations beginning October 2016 and running through June 2017.
Registration includes these plus SIX additional presentations in 2017. For a full list of 2016-2017 topics visit:  www.cocc.edu/continuinged/tuesdays-at-2/

We’ll be kicking off the season with the following presentations:
Life on the Ice - October 11, 2016
Presenter: Darren Hill
An over the shoulder view of life as a Polar Researcher traveling, doing research in the arctic, the dangers we face, and challenges that are overcome in order to provide accurate data for NASA along with current information about Global Climate Change in the Arctic circle.

Turkey – Where East meets West - November 8, 2016
Presenter: Jim Kress, retired COCC Business Professor, including a study abroad program in Germany. 
For 2000 years Turkey has been at the crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations. From the Silk Road to Syrian refugees, from Greeks to Romans and Christians to Muslims, few places have known the variation in cultures as Turkey. Discover this fascinating country, its people, politics and religions, and its place in the complex region we know as the Middle East.

The Pursuit of Happiness - December 13, 2016
Presenter: Rick Burns, former soccer coach and avid European football fan, retired Psychology Professor.
Ideas for enhancing the possibilities of a meaningful and happy life.  We will discuss some of the paths to happiness: altruism, personal integrity, self-esteem, spirituality, optimism, connectivity, exercise and diet. What role do our genes play in determining our happiness? Explore the customs of other cultures and countries and what we can learn about mitigating the unchecked stressors of daily living.  
Staff                             2:00pm-4:00 Tu                   49360
10/11 to 6/13                 Bend CHLAB 301               Cost $69


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