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NEW! International Sunday Dinners
Join Chef David Trask this winter in this new, hands-on culinary series - International Sunday Dinners. Chef Trask will take you on a culinary tour of warm and satisfying Sunday evening meals featuring cuisines from around the world: Classical French Country, Regional Italian dishes, Southern United States and the Mediterranean.  Students will learn proper cooking techniques while preparing a meal sure to please and delight any family. Please bring an apron and take-home containers.  

1 - The American South: Adobo Fried Chicken
The February 18th menu includes Adobo Fried Chicken, Tasso Ham Mac & Cheese, and Braised Greens with Bacon & Sweet Onions. This meal is a twist on a southern staple - fried chicken supper. Sure to be a new favorite. Please bring an apron and take-home containers.
David Trask                          9:00am-2:00 Sa                  18823
2/18                                      Bend CUL 117                   Cost $99

2 - Italian Cuisine: Chianti Braised Beef Short Ribs
The March 4th menu includes Chianti Braised Beef Short Ribs, Herbed Ricotta Polenta and Roasted Beet Salad. In this meal, regional Italian dishes come together to form a satisfying country meal. Please bring an apron and take-home containers.
David Trask                           9:00am-2:00 Sa                   18824
3/4                                         Bend CUL 117                    Cost $99

3 - The Mediterranean: Greek Moussaka
The March 18th menu includes Greek Moussaka, Philo Crusted Spanakopita and Tomato Feta Salad. Cold weather calls for a delicious Mediterranean meal. Please bring an apron and take-home containers.
David Trask                          9:00am-2:00 Sa                  18826
3/18                                      Bend CUL 117                    Cost $99

Knife Skills
Learn to cut like a pro. This introductory knife skills class will teach you safe handling techniques and how to properly maintain knives. Practice slicing, dicing, chopping and garnishing while making simple soup and salsa in class. Knives will be available for practice and demonstration. Bring your best knife to class, along an apron and storage containers.  
Julian Darwin                        9:00am-noon Sa                 18738
3/11                                      Bend CUL 117                    Cost $59
Fill Your Cookie Jar with Homemade Biscotti

Create several varieties of these delicious Italian cookies: Chocolate Hazelnut, Cornmeal Cranberry Orange and Ginger Almond. Enjoy making these twice-baked crunchy cookies to have on hand at home for snacks or dunking in your coffee. Bring an apron, sharp serrated knife, a lunch and a large container. You will be taking home lots of cookies! 
Katie Fuller                           9:00am-3:30 Sa                   18887
3/11                                      Bend CUL 116                     Cost $79

NEW! Gluten-Free Cooking
You don't have to give up all carbohydrates to lose weight and be healthy! Whether you are avoiding gluten products to lose weight or you have an intolerance, this class will give you all the information you need. Suzanne will take you beyond the "gluten-free" baked products on the market. Learn how to create delicious dishes and snacks using gluten-free carbohydrates that are full of nutrition and satisfaction. Discover which carbs turn into fat easily and why the glycemic index is important. 
Suzanne will demonstrate the following menu for the class to sample:  

  • Stuffed Delicata Squash with Herbed Wild Rice
  • Passionate Breakfast Cooking with Chewy Gluten-Free Oats
  • Greek Quinoa Salad
  • Curried Roasted Rainbow Cauliflower
  • Double Chocolate Gluten Free Brownies
    Suzanne Landry           10:00am-3:30 Sa                 18833
    3/18                               Bend CUL 118                    Cost $89

Everyday Cooking with Medicinal Herbs

Throughout the world, many cultures incorporate medicinal herbs into their everyday food. Cooking with medicinal herbs is a great way to incorporate health-giving properties into your meals and broaden your cultural knowledge. This class is a combination of lecture and hands-on activities ranging from soups to desserts.  Students will take home samples and recipes to try at home to expand their culinary skills. Holly Hutton is a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild. Bring an apron and take-home containers.  
Holly Hutton              5:30pm-8:30 Tu                    18725
3/21                          Bend CUL 118                      Cost $39   


Etiquette Essentials for Children (ages 8-12) 
This is a fun, hands-on, interactive class that will introduce children to dinner table etiquette.  Students will gain knowledge and learn to demonstrate good table manners, set a proper dinner table, and practice social/behavioral skills. Activities include role-playing and enjoying an interactive luncheon at Elevation, COCC's Cascade Culinary Institute restaurant. Each student will receive a 10% off coupon to Elevation for future dining. Call 541.383.7270 to register your child. This class is for children ages 8-12 only.   
Samuel La Duca                 9:00am-1:00 Sa                   18747 
3/18                                    Bend CUL 120                      Cost $49


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