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To register, call (541) 383-7270 or click on class title (requires Adobe Flash).

Biscuits & Muffins & Scones- Oh My! 
We will be making both savory and sweet biscuits, scones and muffins: sweet potato biscuits, cheddar herb biscuits, dried cherry almond scones, and fruit muffins. Students will learn the art of making flaky scones and biscuits by cutting butter into flour and handling dough quickly and gently for a delicate mouthwatering pastry. We will also learn the tricks to making crumbly, moist, delicate muffins. Please bring an apron, a lunch, a knife, and a box to carry home your creations. 
Katie Fuller                            9:00am-3:30 Sa                  49503
11/19                                     Bend CUL 116                    Cost $79

NEW! The Perfect Ramen Bowl

Heading into fall discover a hearty noodle and broth bowl that is much different from the one you had in college. We will learn how to make fresh ramen served with a traditional Tonkotsu broth. We will then bring out our inner artist and design the perfect ramen bowl. Please bring an apron, lunch and take-home containers.
David Trask                            9:00am-2:30 Sa                  49370
10/8                                       Bend CUL 117                    Cost $89

NEW! Argentinian Gaucho Cooking
Discover how Argentine cuisine shaped in old world tradition, can feature new world ingredients. We will explore the cultural ties between Argentina, Spain and Italy through their food, by preparing dishes featuring techniques from each country.  Please bring an apron, lunch and take-home containers.
David Trask                            9:00am-02:30 Sa               49369
10/22                                     Bend CUL 117                   Cost $89

Savory Tarts
Tarts don’t have to be sweet; they are just as rich and delicious with savory ingredients! Students will learn how to make a flaky pastry to encase delicious fillings: Butternut Squash & Gruyere, Mushrooms, Caramelized Onion & Goat Cheese and of course, the French classic, Quiche Lorraine. Perfect with a salad for a cold winter evening. Please bring an apron, a chef knife, a lunch and take-home containers. 
Katie Fuller                            9:00am-3:30 Sa                  49504
10/22                                     Bend CUL 116                    Cost $89              

NEW! Regional Italian Pasta
Italian Cuisine is synonymous with pasta, but regionally what are the differences? We will make a variety of short cut, long cut and filled pasta, pairing each with the sauce that best fits that pasta shape. Please bring an apron, lunch and take-home containers.
David Trask                            9:00am-2:30 Sa                  49371
11/5                                       Bend CUL 117                    Cost $89

NEW! Spanish Tapas 
Spain is famous for its tapas, culture and nightlife. We will prepare delicious, lively and social dishes just in time for holiday party season. Please bring an apron, lunch and take-home containers.
David Trask                            9:00am-2:30 Sa                  49372
12/3                                       Bend CUL 117                    Cost $89               

Knife Skills
Learn to cut like a pro. This introductory knife skills class will teach you safe handling techniques and how to properly maintain knives. Practice slicing, dicing, chopping and garnishing while making simple soup and salsa in class. Knives will be available for practice and demonstration. Bring your best knife to class, along an apron and storage containers.
Julian Darwin                          9:00am-noon Sa                 49317
10/29                                     Bend CUL 117                    Cost $59

Julian Darwin                          9:00am-noon Sa                 49318

11/19                                     Bend CUL 117                    Cost $59          

Be a Renegade Cheese Maker
In this full-day class, students will make Feta cheese from pasteurized milk, in the process, learning the basics of making hard, pressed cheeses. Being a renegade, Laura will use kefir to culture the milk. Participants will learn the importance of sanitation and basic pressed cheese making techniques. Each participant will leave with instructions for aging their feta, whey to make the aging brine in, and instructions for completing the process. Recipes, resources and plans for a basic cheese press will be provided, in addition to lecture. NOTE - Students to supply: Non-reactive (glass 1/2 gallon jar or food-grade plastic) container to take aging whey home, small, instant-read thermometer. Additional salt will be required after they get home - for aging brine, and for drying cheese - recipe will contain instructions.
Laura Cunningham              8:30am-5:00                     49767
10/22                                       Prineville PRI 127           Cost $79

Etiquette Essentials for Children
This is a fun, hands-on, interactive class that will introduce children to dinner table etiquette.  Students will gain knowledge and be able to demonstrate good table manners, set a proper dinner table, and practice social/behavioral skills. Activities include role-playing and enjoying an interactive luncheon in a real-life restaurant setting. Each student will receive a 10% off coupon to be redeemed at COCC’s culinary restaurant, Elevation. Call (541) 383-7270 to register your child.
Ages 5-7
Samuel La Duca                        9:00am-1:00 Sa                49641
10/8                                          Bend CUL 120                 Cost $49                                                                              

Ages 8-12
Samuel La Duca                       9:00am-1:00 Sa                 49640
10/22                                       Bend CUL 120                  Cost $49
Beer Brewing Sensory Analysis 

Join Sensory Analysis expert, Lou Crooks, from Deschutes Brewery, to learn about flavors in beer, including off flavors and how to prevent them. Discuss the aspects of flavor as you taste samples. Find out how to improve your sensory experience as well as your home beer brewing.  This class is open to anyone interested in learning more about beer but those with home brewing experience will benefit the most. Must be 21+ and show ID. 
Lou Crooks                               6:30pm-8:30 Th                 49602
10/20 to 10/27                           Bend CUL 118                  Cost $59           

NEW! Beyond Kombucha: Fermented Beverages
Fermentation was used as an early method of extending the harvest, but today it is popular because of its potential health benefits.  This class will look at the fermentation of beverages through a worldwide lens. Class demonstrations include making rejuvelac, Draksha, kvass, mead, and lacto-fermented herbal beverages. 
Holly Hutton                             6:00pm-9:00 Tu                 49465
9/20                                         Bend CUL 119                  Cost $39                               

Intro to All Grain Brewing
Do you have the basics down and want to expand to all grain brewing? Learn about the process, supplies and grains necessary to go to the next step. Find out how to make a Mash Tun and sparge system, explore the enzyme conversion process and more to make fine all grain brews. Class lecture meets Wednesdays, 10/12, & 10/19, Brew Session Saturday, 10/15 and Bottling Session Saturday, 11/5. Students will need to bring $15 to class for supplies and handouts. Must be 21+ and show ID. Required text: How to Brew: Everything You Need To Know by John J. Palmer. This book is not available in the COCC Bookstore and may be purchased from a company of your choice. 
Timothy Koester                      Redmond RTEC 123            49608
10/12 & 10/19                          6:00pm-9:00 W
10/15                                         9:00am-2:00 Sa
11/5                                           9:00am-11:00 Sa                 Cost $79                                                                                           

NEW! Intro to Sour Beers 
Sour beer is beer that is intentionally acidic, tart or sour. The most common sour beer styles are Belgian: lambics, gueuze and Flanders red ale. Despite the heavy Belgian and German influence, sour beers are gaining popularity in the American commercial and craft breweries. Students will learn techniques to brew different types of sour beers. Discover which microbes and ingredients are used to produce sour beer with a desirable flavor profile. Class will use this knowledge to design a recipe and brew it in the new Sabco Brew Magic Brew System at the COCC brew lab. The class meets in the classroom on 10/5, a brew session on 10/8 and a bottling session on 10/29.   Materials provided. Must be 21+ and show ID.
Bryon Pyka                            Redmond RTEC 123           49464
10/5                                         6:00pm-9:00 W  
10/8                                         9:00am-3:30 Sa
10/29                                       9:00am-11:00 Sa               Cost $89                               

Wine Tasting: You Be the Judge! 
Have fun learning about and discerning the qualitative differences in wine and then vote on each wine tasted.  All wines will be tasted blind (i.e., no one will know what color, type, or producer beforehand) and participants will vote on each wine in a mock professional setting with scores revealed at the end. This is a medium to advanced level wine appreciation class. Must be 21+ and show ID. 
Sarah Wolcott                           7:00pm-9:30 Tu                 49614
10/25                                        Bend CUL 120                  Cost $59

Oregon Alcohol Server Training 
Get your OLCC Alcohol Service permit at the Cascade Culinary Institute. Course includes a workbook that is yours to keep and use as a workplace reference guide.  Must be 18 years of age. Class is followed by exam. Bring a $23 check or money order for application fee made out to OLCC (no cash).             

Samuel La Duca                       9:00am-1:00 Sa                 49656
11/5                                         Bend CUL 120                   Cost $49              

ServSafe Food Handlers Certification
Are you preparing for your first job working in a restaurant? Do you want to make your resume standout in the crowd? This course fulfills the certification requirement for working in the food industry and prepares students for the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification exam. Certification is valid statewide for 5 years and satisfies the food handler requirement. Students will learn industry proper food handling skills, safety standards and food safety management systems that will prevent food borne illness. Required text: ServSafe Manager, 6th Edition. Students are required to read the book prior to the first day of class. A scantron sheet is required to take the exam on the last day. This sheet is included in the book when purchased at the COCC Bookstore. Cost of the book with scantron sheet is $87.25. NOTE: Book cannot be returned to COCC Bookstore if opened. Please be sure the class is confirmed to run before opening the book. 
Samuel La Duca                       Bend CUL 120                    49658
10/14                                      4:00pm-6:00 F
10/15                                      9:00am-1:00 Sa
10/16                                      9:00am-11:00 Su                Cost $59

NEW! Mixology I for Beginners: Specialty Cocktails
Want to learn to make cocktails for the upcoming holiday season? This hands-on and fun interactive class will introduce students to the fundamentals of bartending and holiday cocktails that will surely please any guest or customer. Topics discussed in class will include the process of distilling and the brief history and characteristics that differentiate each distilled spirit. Students will learn bar terminology, pouring techniques, how to properly set up a bar, and operate bar tools/equipment. By the end of the course, students will be able to demonstrate the correct method of creating both traditional and contemporary cocktails in a real-life bar/restaurant setting. This is an entry-level course. Must be 21+ and show ID.

Halloween Cocktails
Samuel La Duca                     9:00am-1:00 SaSu               49639
10/29 to 10/30                        Bend CUL 120                     Cost $99                              

Holiday Cocktails
Samuel La Duca                      9:00am-1:00 SaSu               49635
11/19 to 11/20                         Bend CUL 120                     Cost $99

General Certificate in Brewing (GCB) Exam Prep Course Information The next course to prepare for the Institute of Brewing and Distilling’s General Certificate in Brewing exam is planned for early 2016. Add your name to our mailing list to be notified of class details: 541-383-7270 or or visit to add your name to our interest list.



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