Become a COCC Continuing Education Instructor

COCC Continuing Education is always looking for great instructors. Our mission is to offer transformative learning outcomes for all members of our community through the highest quality, most accessible learning services.

Our classes follow the philosophy that learning is a rewarding experience that is best when in a relaxed, supportive environment. Potential instructors should have four years of education, experience or a combination of both in their subject area. Experience teaching adults preferred. Continuing Education instructors are part-time hourly employees engaged on a class-by-class basis.Color-Block Divider

If you are interested in teaching for us, please review the Steps to Becoming an Instructor (pdf) and complete our Continuing Education Instructor Form online. If we have an opening, we will contact you.  Deadlines for course proposals are as follows:

Term:                                    Due Date: 

Spring                                    January 1
Summer                                 March 1 
Fall                                         May 1
Winter                                    October 1

Note: Course proposals submitted after these dates will be considered for the following term.

We are especially interested in finding part-time instructors for the following areas:

  • Art, Music & Language in Madras & Prineville
  • Floral Design
  • Getting More from Your Android Phone
  • Social Media
  • Adobe Illustrator

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Contacts by Content Area

Art, Home and Garden, Language, Photography, Enrichment
Stephanie Goetsch

Health and Wellness, Dance and Recreation, Travel, Retirement, Pets
Rachel Knox

Computer and Web, Business Technology/Software, Social Media
Glenda Lantis

Professional and Occupational Development
Nancy Jumper

Youth Camp
Kirdy Molan

Before Submitting Your Proposal:

1. Look at our class offerings to see if the class is already being offered.

2. Is your class idea offered elsewhere in Central Oregon? Competition against existing classes can lead to low enrollment and cancelled classes.

3. Is your class wide enough in scope to appeal to the general adult population? Who should attend?

4. Classes cannot be designed to sell or recommend products from your business or promote consulting services.

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