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Technology Review Team

Charge: The TRT sub-committee is charged with reviewing the technical scope, resource requirements and costs for all technology project requests. The TRT determines the technical feasibility of proposed technology projects. Upon receiving a technology project request from the NPET, the TRT reviews the project and then provides its feasibility recommendations to either the FIAT, for projects requesting budget funds, or to the CIO and President, if the project does not require budget funding.

TRT Member Structure

The TRT is chaired by the Directors of ITS Infrastructure and Web & Applications Systems and is comprised of representatives and visitors from the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC), providing a broad representation of constituents across campus, including Instruction, Student Services, Continuing Education, HR, Fiscal, and ITS. Future sub-committee membership is recommended as follows:

Current Members 2021-22:

Jeff Floyd, co-chair
Director of Technical Support Services
Term: Automatic 

ITS Info Security Administrator
Term: Automatic

Kristine Roshau
eLearning Representative
Term: Automatic 

Darren McCrea, co-chair
Director of Enterprise Information Services
Term: Automatic

Chris Mills
Functional Representative
Term: 2019-21

Aaron-James Perry
Technology Project Manager
Term: Automatic

John Liccardo
Faculty Representative
Term: 2021-23