New Project Evaluation Team (NPET)


The NPET sub-committee is charged with evaluating the viability of new technology project requests at COCC. The NPET provides initial review in the technology project review process which aims to: 1) enhance COCC’s ability to implement, enhance, and adopt new technologies; 2) ensure that proposed technology projects fit into strategic and operational goals of the College; and 3) advocate for and guide technology project requestors seeking to implement new technologies at COCC. NPET evaluation feedback is shared with the TRT and incorporated into overall recommendations to the FIAT, President and CIO, as appropriate.

For more information about this committee, see section G-6-8.1.1 of COCC's General Procedures Manual

Current Members 2021-22:

Laura Boehme
Chief Information/HR Officer
Term: Automatic

Kristine Roshau
Director E-Learning
Term: 2019-21  


David Dona
Term: Automatic

Theresa Freihoefer
Assoc Professor Business Admin
Term: 2020-22  


Breana Sylwester
Director Financial Aid
Term: 2018-20