Roles and Responsibilities

Data User: (Everyone)
Any person that utilized college data to perform his or her job responsibilities. Responsible for entering, using and maintaining data, reporting data irregularities to the appropriate data steward, and assisting others in managing and protecting data by following security and privacy policies.

Data Steward: (Support Personnel, Administrative or Functional Specialists)
Individuals that are Subject Matter Experts (SME) who understand the context and quality of data for their respective area and act under the authority of a Data Owner. Responsible for verifying the accuracy of information, correcting data errors, creating and maintaining documentation, and ensuring data standards are maintained.

Data Owner: (President, VPs, Deans, Directors)
Individuals who have ultimate authority and decision-making responsibility over a particular collection of college data. Responsible for changing and/or delegating correction of data errors, adhering to college data quality policies and standards, determining data metrics, and assigning resources for data management activities.

Data Custodian: (Information Technology Staff, Department Technology Specialists)
Individuals who directly access and manage database and data management systems and resources of the college in support of college operations. Responsible for maintaining and protecting data integrity and unauthorized access, making data available for others to use, participating in preparation and testing of database upgrades in assigned area, and partnering with data owner and data stewards to enhance data quality and access.

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