College Planning and Assessment Team Goals

CPAT Annual Goals for 2016 - 2017

2016-17 GOALS Subcommittee

GOAL 1: Complete 2013-18 Strategic Planning Cycle

Promote the College completing the 2013-18 strategic planning/assessment cycle by moving the College from planning to assessment - analyzing results and using the results to implement change

  • Betsy Julian - Lead
  • Glenda Lantis
  • Samantha Loza
  • Christin Sands
  • Kathy Smith
  • Julie Hood-Gonsalves

GOAL 2: Develop the 2018-23 Strategic Plan

Design the format and full scope of the next Strategic Plan

  • Brynn Pierce Lead
  • Denise Hatch
  • Paula Simone
  • Julie Hood-Gonsalves

GOAL 3: Follow the established Communication Plan

Meeting notes and agendas will be posted on web

Brief announcements and updates will be posted to Commlines with links to web

  • Matt McCoy Lead
  • Denise Hatch (Web)
  • Jennifer Peters
  • Ron Paradis

NOTE: Julie Hood-Gonsalves is consulting with theCollege in support of planning and assessment.