BA 290 Business Seminar

BA 290 is the capstone course for all specializations in the Associate of Applied Science degree in Business. It is an opportunity for the student to demonstrate all they have learned in the areas of accounting, management, marketing and operations in the project; communication and technology skills in the presentation. The end result will be a great sample of work for your portfolio that you can use in seeking employment or advancement in your current job.

As a capstone course, the department recommends you take it in one of the two terms immediately before graduation. You must have completed all the Level I and Level II courses as well as many of the courses in your Level III specialization. This will allow you to leverage all your skills developed here at COCC. We now offer this course during fall, winter and spring terms so it is convenient for every student. Those students wishing to register for the course during fall term may start during summer if they wish. Instructor approval is required for registration.

The capstone project is the creation and presentation of a business plan. Resources will be made available to help guide the student in developing the plan. These resources will be made available in Blackboard. The student will work closely with instructors as the “business counselor” for their plan.


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