To schedule an aviation simulator training session: contact  Program Director or Instructors.

The simulator used by the COCC Aviation program is the:

Cat IV Simulator
A.A.T.D. Advanced Aviation Training Device(s)
FAA Approved Single and Multi Engine Software


Simulation for both single and multiengine


Projection Visuals – Worldwide Database



Full Simulation, More Options, More Flexibility, Outstanding Value!



Helicopter Simulation

 Full Simulation, More Options, More Flexibility, Outstanding Value!

COCC Student: $125/hr, Non-student: $145/hr

Airplane A.A.T.D.
Now with Additional FAA Approvals, Level 3 FTD Equivalent!

"Advanced" AATD can be used to perform:

  1. Logged Flight Experience - 61.51(b)(3)
  2. Instrument Experience - 61.57(c)(1)
  3. Instrument Proficiency Check - 61.57(d)(1)(ii)
  4. Instrument Rating: Practical Test - 61.65(a)(8)
  5. Instrument Rating: maximum 20 hours - 61.65(e)(2)
  6. Private Pilot Certificate: maximum 2.5 hours - 61.109(i)(1)
  7. Commercial Certificate: maximum 50 hours - 61.129(i)(1)
  8. Airline Transport Pilot Certificate: maximum 25 hours - 61.159(a)(3)(i)
  9. Approved For Use as Limited by Part 141 Appendices - 141.41(b) (c)
  10. Additional details available at the CAT IV manufacurer's web site.

The Modular Flight Deck (M.F.D.) is an ergonomic platform that focuses on General Aviation Cockpit representations. It is capable of running many single and multi engine aircraft.
The Dual or Single MFD is perfect for beginning, advanced and Crew Training. MFDs are currently in use by FBO's Universities, Flight Schools and Airlines all over the world. The Dual MFD defines an entirely new class of flight training equipment, from its full sized detailed panel to the rugged pedals resting under your feet. If you operate a either a single engine or multiengine aircraft the MFD trainer will provide you with reliable, efficient and affordable training for your success.

DUAL M.F.D. A.A.T.D.® Includes:  

  • AATD FAA Approved Single and Multi Engine Software
  • Dual Controls
  • 3 and 6 lever throttle quadrants
  • PFC Dual Professional Hydraulic Rudder Pedals with Proportional Braking
  • PFC Digital Avionics Panel
  • Flight Deck
  • Adjustable Leather Seats
  • Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multiengine, and Cross-country Training Syllabus

The console is equipped with the following switches and features: 

  • Solid cast aluminum powder coated yokes
  • Yoke mounted electric pitch trim switch, push to talk, autopilot disconnect and cws
  • Remote Instrument Controls
  • Hobbs meter
  • Digital clock
  • Manual pitch trim (or optional electric pitch trim )
  • Rudder trim control
  • Magneto switches
  • Engine start switch
  • Alternator switches
  • Battery switches
  • Avionics master
  • Flap switch
  • Landing gear switch (latching) with position indicator lights
  • Rudder trim control
  • Cowl flap switches
  • Fuel boost pump switches
  • Fuel tank selector panel
  • Parking brake switch

AND, the price is a great deal! Training is available to the general public for just $75 per hour (CFI included). You cannot beat the quality or value anywhere. Make checks payable to COCC. 

To schedule an aviation simulator training session: contact Program Director or Instructors.


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